Friday, September 9, 2016

Supplement J

The creatine fueled space monkey is at it again. He just can't get enough of the testosterone injected catfish itself, Jenna, as you'll see in the following e-mails. The same Jenna who, by the way, let slip a new/old alleged picture of itself in said emails. Here's Prefect and an Anon with the scoop:

Mikes mod mah boi caught her slippin. She accidentally left her own photo in an email link she posted showing mike trying to get at her.

Jenna capped and showed those emails from her gmail to show Mike trying to talk to her, but fucked up by screencapping one with an image from a recent email.

That comparison pic was one Jenna put in her channel a while back.

"New" pic:

Comparison pic:

This Jenna picture stuff is all well and good, but I'm kind of over that mystery. She/he refuses to cam up, so they could be using pictures from any old Facebook profile and claim it's them. To me, the big news here is Mike once again crawling back to Jenna like the moron that he is and offering up his EBT money to buy him/her even more riches despite all the big talk about being done with that particular creature for good this time. He swore it to us, Coinbox Nation! How could he?!?

So where does this latest misadventure from our boi fall in the grand scheme of legendary fuckups he's partaken in over the years on the various cam sites? Yup, that means it's time to vote, people.


Anonymous said...

Mike might move on now that he's seen her face. The mystique of the imaginary woman is gone (along with two thousand dollars cash).

Anonymous said...


Steven Z said...

I think it is safe to say jenna is a real female. The real question is how big is she

Anonymous said...

That pic, by her own admission in her cast and other evidence, is her.

Anonymous said...

she looks like a fatty like gamercunt. selectively cropped in the first picture the second one looks like its several years old and shes turned sideways and still looks thick

Anonymous said...

That photo in the green top looks a little like gem duh. Sure anon and she never lies right? If this so-called woman is afraid to get on cam because chances are it would ruin her career later in life, as spoken by her, she wouldn't be posting real photos of herself either.

oobba dooba dabba dooba said...

This poll is invalid until such time as the classic "HAMBURGER MEAT" episode is included.

Anonymous said...

I selected all for voting.
I remember Mike saying a few times Leah Rae lived by him in Florida like 2 hours away or something but he got on a bus to go see her in Cali? Makes no sense. More lies. Only think there is proof of on that list is him stealing from his mommas coinbox and eating his cum.

That picture of Jenna in green has surfaced a long time ago.
Its so blurry you can tell its been saved and altered a lot.
She will never show the real her.

Anonymous said...

She's fucking disgusting with a shitty personality.

Anonymous said...

Heh, all of Jenna's sycophants out in force saying the photo isn't her.

She admitted it was her. She didn't post it, she fucked up by capping an email that included a related image from google.

Anonymous said...

12:50 Anyone can put a photo up under their account.
She had to put up something incase they looked her up that would come up.
That picture is not her.

Anonymous said...

Sure Jenna. Whatever you say.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, none of the photos going around are her.