Saturday, September 24, 2016

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Mike quits again

OgMike aka Coinbox Mike aka Plato has yet again quit casting and moved on with his life. Here is the video of his latest rage quit. Thanks to anon.

Miss Scruffy wasn't having any of it when Mike decided to dox a catfish (as if that is even possible) and post some of Jenna's alleged info in his channel on the way out.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Save Anna

Russia has invaded Norway, folks. It's all over. Those dastardly Russians know no shame, they immediately targeted the prize jewel of the Norwegian Monarchy, Lady Anna Williams. It's getting tense out there in the great wide world when international terrorists start harassing national treasures like Anna. Stay safe everyone.

Supplement J

The creatine fueled space monkey is at it again. He just can't get enough of the testosterone injected catfish itself, Jenna, as you'll see in the following e-mails. The same Jenna who, by the way, let slip a new/old alleged picture of itself in said emails. Here's Prefect and an Anon with the scoop:

Mikes mod mah boi caught her slippin. She accidentally left her own photo in an email link she posted showing mike trying to get at her.

Jenna capped and showed those emails from her gmail to show Mike trying to talk to her, but fucked up by screencapping one with an image from a recent email.

That comparison pic was one Jenna put in her channel a while back.

"New" pic:

Comparison pic:

This Jenna picture stuff is all well and good, but I'm kind of over that mystery. She/he refuses to cam up, so they could be using pictures from any old Facebook profile and claim it's them. To me, the big news here is Mike once again crawling back to Jenna like the moron that he is and offering up his EBT money to buy him/her even more riches despite all the big talk about being done with that particular creature for good this time. He swore it to us, Coinbox Nation! How could he?!?

So where does this latest misadventure from our boi fall in the grand scheme of legendary fuckups he's partaken in over the years on the various cam sites? Yup, that means it's time to vote, people.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ram and Royal get roasted by The Real Comic

Ram has been over the moon for the last couple weeks with an amazing opportunity to be a REAL director for a major motion picture to be filmed in Russia. He was going to show us all! He was going to prove to the haters what an amazing director he was! He was taking Royal to the top with him, suggesting him for the lead roll in this multimillion dollar budget motion picture. 

Turns out this was all a brilliant troll, set up by no other than The Real Comic. Both Royal and Ram fell for it, hook.. line.. and sinker.   Ram is not amused! 

Lets hope this is the last we see of Ram the pervert! For those of you who will miss this little diddy, Cam up, cam up, cam up!