Saturday, August 20, 2016

Filmon IPO

According to this article Filmon is filing for an IPO.

If you are looking to invest you can head on over to and give one of the brokers a call, I know troll2 will be all over this.

Check out all of the inside info on FOTV at

Here are a few interesting things I found on there.

Filmon has 134 employees and 7 contractors.

Here are some of the salaries.

FOTV makes 12million a year from advertisers and 780k off subscriptions, but continues to have recurring loses since its inception.

Filmon cost about 3million to develop.


Anonymous said...

too much to read

Anonymous said...

If you're skeptical, you can go to and type "FOTV" into the search bar. See all the public business records you could ever want.


Anonymous said...

Those salaries are a fucking joke. $170, 000 for Chief Content Officer. Kutovy makes $100,000 a year for a broken, glitchy, beta website. Alki is a dumbfuck.

Anonymous said...

It was fun while it lasted

Anonymous said...

People actually pay to subscribe? For what, exactly? Isn't FilmOn just public domain movies and podcast streams?

And BC has been dead as fuck for years.

Anonymous said...

Alki David is the product of incest. Look at his face. Look at his children.

Anonymous said...

Mykola Kutovoy owns 111pix? LOL, Alki started 111pix. Who is Mykola? Kutovoys mom?
Alki dumps his money in to keep these loser companies running. No one is going to buy his stock. $8 a share to raise $32million for a billionaire? He could close it all down and cut his losses while shareholders get fucked. He's a foreigner trying to trade stock on the stock market here in the United States. Anyone can google him and see how he rips people off. He still have never paid any of the casters for camming up for $1.00 to $10.00 a minute when the tv even ran the ads that they'd be paid in CASH. Fraud fraud fraud.

troll2 said...

Do you see what I see?

The new FoTV logo is the letters FoT with a V hand sign. Some say it looks like the international hand sign for "peace". See what I see? Erase the forefinger and all I see left is the middle finger.

YOU'LL GET FUCKED WITH IT! Buy that stock and get fucked. Just my opinion.