Friday, June 10, 2016

Twitch Whores will get their Money

A Twitch user named iNexus_Ninja went around exciting online video game performers by handing out multiple donations eventually totaling $50,000 in couple of hundred to couple of thousand dollar increments. LiveStreamFails has captured the elated reactions of gamers as the donations poured in:

iNexus_Ninja's plan, as with many large donations on the gaming site, was to dispute the Paypal charges later on. In news that would make any Goosiezilla dance, the troll failed when Paypal resolved the dispute on the side of the gamers and refused to refund the money. The Australian 18 year old linked his parents' credit card to the Paypal account.

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Anonymous said...

Does really anyone from this blog watch anyone on twitch? Maybe if they're virgins lol.

Anonymous said...

luckily the kids parents can dispute the charges with the credit card company

Anonymous said...

Only blog about Twitch casters if they have nudes to go alone with their post. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Trolling gamers on twitch is the new trend using high dollar amounts that may or may not be legit.