Monday, May 30, 2016

CarlosDangerr Wishes You a Happy Memorial Day

Sponsored by the united coalition of bargain basement Bishy-boo's, coming soon to a King Cobra and beef patty carrying bodega near you. 'Murica.

Credit TopCat for the videos.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Love So Strong

Cronic and Cavacho - BFF's forever! All this hostility over the blossoming relationship on Skype between Cavacho and Cronic's mom. Meaning Mama Cronic has been sending money to Cavacho for some reason or another. Come on, really now, Cronic. You've ridden the contaminated dick of far worse inhuman creatures than The Cavacho. Surely him becoming your new step-daddy and sneaking into your bedroom at night to cuddle with you in a totally non-sexual way is down the list of mortifying experiences you've lived through. It's just another hilarious tale you can tell your children/step-sisters and brothers when they come of age.

In other words, time for Gary to step up and prevent this from happening for the good of humanity.

Thanks to Anon for the beatdown gif.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Blinkencronic76mom vs Gary on

Imsocronic76's mom came onto main and battled it out with Gary.  Gary said she's a shitty mom because her daughter loves the BBC.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Mark hacked by Anonymous

Mark was on babbling over 2 hours about who knows what, when all of a sudden someone guessed his password, changed his background to some huge black butthole and spammed his channel. He blamed it on him doing some testing and changed his password to an "easy" password. Thanks to Pete for noticing.

UPDATE: Here is a video from Scuttlebutts blog were Mark gets hacked.

Click Read More to see the pics.

Jessica Online Video Star

As per request from the previous post, here's the video of JessicaOnlineMedia (gif courtesy TopCat) getting a five finger receipt over on the Big VL. To our elderly, quasi-skeezy, Mojo hopping fan base: make sure you drink plenty of fluids while enjoying the show and doing inappropriate things.

Somehow, I don't see this helping her burgeoning political career.  That said, let's get to it.

Credit Anon for the video.


TopCat adds a shower video of Jessica if you want the non-skinny white dork version.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Fist Pound


What in the world is going on over at the Big VL? Cover your innocent eyes, Chicky.

Credit Anon for the pics. There was a claim in the Shoutbox that the girl featured in compromising positions in these pics is none other than our very own Cheesey, but I don't know. I have a hard time believing she would do such a thing on cam. In private, no doubt. She's a kinky little vixen. But not on cam.

Click the Read More link below to view the screencaps.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Boi on a Bus

OG Mike's journey into the great unknown that is Colorado started earlier than expected in an attempt to throw us lowly OG Mike fans off his scent. He left yesterday afternoon and has been stopping into the Shoutbox sporadically to provide updates on the status of his amazing self. Check back often and you might be blessed with experiencing Mike's greatness all for yourselves. You can also add him on Snapchat at MikeKellyFitnes and on Periscope to view exclusive footage of his trip, for however long it may last.

Credit Anon for the video.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Black Pioneer Bag Lady

Don't EVER refer to Missy as having been living out on the streets in an old refrigerator box butt ass naked in the past, present, or future. Or else, this could happen to you.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Which Jew would you do?

Straw Poll

UPDATE: Someone paid the Jew4Aids chick $500 to get in a bikini for the aids channel on VL. 

Another Fine Moment with Sarah Six Two

Seems like it was a little nipply out on Vaughnlive this afternoon. It's all good, though. According to Sarah, she "runs this shit (VL)" and besides, she would "never do anything to get banned"! Thanks to Lurkers and Anon for the gif and pic.

Sarah also made her rap video debut 0:30 to 0:40 of the clip below. She's a real ass nigga from Bumfuck, Nebraska. Ain't nobody harder than Sarah Six Pointers!

So Long, Farewell

Until we meet again.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mike's Life Advice

The countdown until yet another in a long line of failed journeys (this time to Colorado) continues for the OG Orangutan, as he divulges secrets that would make even Scott77's head spin. Loser avenue or death lane, who gives a fuck indeed as long as there's even a minute chance of Mama Coinbox finally being free of her bouncing 37 year old baby boy's burden on her life.

Check back in a week when we start the next great chapter of Mike's life in a 10x8 room in The Villages all over again.

Credit Anon for the video.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Kosher Konfirmed

In case there were any doubts about whether or not this previous post indeed really featured Kosher from Battlecam, here's a, ahem, "better" view of things. There were some questions regarding if the original picture was from Kosher's bathroom, and well, you'll see. Now please, let this fill the blog quota for penis this week.

Pic is behind the cut. What a pickle.

From the Desk of the Davids

Alki and Jen have released separate statements through FilmOn's site addressing and shooting down a previous blog post here, along with the speculation on Lipstick Alley and Instagram. You can read the statements by clicking here.

So what do you think, blog fans? Are you buying what they're selling? Was this possibly a troll all along, maybe done to try and stir up some publicity? Or do you believe this is an attempt to save face with all the theorizing floating around? Comment away and decide for yourselves, friends.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Dangerr Tits

Carlos Dangerr and Chaturbate - truly a match made in old creeper heaven. Has the doctor of love, Scotty2Naughty, discovered this fine specimen yet? Seems like there's a lot he could teach her now that she's taken her talents off Vaughnlive and onto a much more sophisticated cam site.

Pics and videos courtesy Topcat and the Spitbox Anons.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Domestic Violence on Twitch

Looks like a new name and a new parent (Amazon) hasn't changed one thing from the old JTV days...shitty administration. ArsTechnica is reporting that a recording of abuse was captured when a user joedaddy505 turned off his video but not his audio. JTV...err Twitch responded strongly, by closing his account after the fact.

Update: Deputies investigating livestream game recording that took scary turn

Here's the audio capture:

Danger Ass

CarlosDangerr went and shook what the good lord gave her. Again.

What, you want more information than that? There's nothing else to say. You come here for the boobs, the butts, and the occasional flying penis, who really cares what I have to say? Go forth and check out the goods. Go now.

Videos and gif courtesy Topcat.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Kosher Pickle

What is allegedly Kosher from Battlecam forgot to turn off his Skype cam recently and ended up showing off his lil' kosher pickle for the luckiest of audiences. Because even though I have next to no clue who this guy is, I love you all and wanted to share this glorious Hebrew National with you.

You can view the pic behind the cut by clicking the "read more" link below. Thank me later. Or don't. It's all good. This isn't really helping the gay vibe on this blog, is it?

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Trouble in Paradise?

Are Alki and Jen on the outs? And is it a troll or is it legit? Recently, Jen deleted all her tweets since October and then this little nugget was dropped on an Instagram post (account now private), fueling speculation. Unverified rumors are, as per the top level source that is QueenCatfishLeahRae in OG Mike's iVlog channel, that Jen has been living in New York with a woman and has gone full blown lesbo. According to Ms. Rae, the other woman involved also stayed with Alki and Jen in their home for a spell too, so take that for what it's worth. If you can believe someone with the word catfish in their name.

It's all hearsay at the moment, as Alki is of course known for random trolls to stir shit up and he is still posting pictures of Jen on his Instagram, but there may be something up here. Something to keep an eye on to be sure.

There's also 100+ pages of speculation about this whole matter in this thread for those interested. Also, there's this Instagram profile with speculation from someone claiming to be close to the situation.

Allegedly before things went south. From Alki's Snapchat:

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

And now there is this:

Sometimes when you love somebody the things that you need to do to express that love are probably the most excruciating things that you’ll ever do in your life. And … uh… today is a dark day for me, it’s a dark day for my family. I am just trying to do as much as I can positively with love trying to touch with love, trying to honor my loved ones with love (?). It is not easy, it is very very hard… And you think why do I do this on social media? Because … uh … sharing is another way of … uh … sharing that pain, you know. If enough people hear it and you get enough feedback that is positive… great, and if you don’t you have to look at yourself a little bit closer, I think… perhaps. The End. Found the first video that #alkidavid posted yesterday. I think his first statement explains why he went with the whole #openmarriage thing. #jenniferstano 's idea?? Is #dani22ny just being an instrument to make the #separation a better transition? What are your thoughts people?? #wow #wowmoms #butchdigger #homewrecker @bkayyy1 has a better copy of this video

A video posted by JJ Mims (@jjmimsy) on