Saturday, April 9, 2016

Mouth Rape is Never Ok!

If you get knocked out by FoxmanShawn....your bad day will get even worse! Nothing like waking up to the taste of unwashed dick and pubes in your teef. This story has been referenced many times in the last few years, but here it is, straight out of the horses mouth!

Foxman Shawn's story about the time when he put his cock into a guys mouth from Guest Spokesman on Vimeo.

Credit GuestSpokesman for the video!


Anonymous said...

So Foxman is a violent homosexual who just confessed to sexual assault?

Anonymous said...

Ryan Hifi was the one Foxman raped.

Anonymous said...

He is a queer!

Anonymous said...

No hetrosexual male even dreams or talks about putting his dick in another man's mouth. Ever. Only the faggot foxman does.

All the kisses Foxman and Joe Dutch do, I bet foxman puts in dick in his mouth too.

Anonymous said...

McClane looked speechless. Wonder if Foxman ever made a move on him since they know each in real life and have gotten together to drink.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:21

You can't rape the willing. I feel quite sure that Ryan is still massaging his ding-dong while blissfully recalling his oral escapades with The Canadian Toothless Wonder.