Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Semi-Daily Update 3/15/16

Croft's Channel Closed on Battlecam

Stop me if you've heard this one before. Speaking of Croft...

Credit Anon for the screencap.


Help From Daryl

Thanks there, chief!

Credit Prefect for the screencap.


More Positive User Feedback for The Big VL

It's a video from last month, but just in case it hasn't been posted elsewhere before, here's one woman's experience with Mark and mommy's little utopia.


Mark on BlogTV's Return, and Trolling Females on VL

Someone seems a little rattled about the upcoming relaunch.

And you can draw your own conclusions when it comes to how strictly this rule will be enforced to the ratio of how bad Mark wants to fuck the woman in question.

Credit Anon for the screencaps.


Anonymous said...

Waaaaa waaaaa waaaaa Croft is a manbaby. He was in his channel saying it was his last cast on the site for being banned on main asking to be perma banned so instead they just closed his channel, lol. He couldn't just wait it out. Of course he will be back.

Anonymous said...

i vlog is better when it comes to not having a lot of trolling but its also boring there but if you dont want the drama i vlog is the site

Anonymous said...

I don't think Mark is rattled by BlogTV.ca. I think he is amused that people think BlogTV is "returning."

BlogTV is not relaunching; it is not returning. As Mark said, this is a new site with new owners. They picked up an old, abandoned, Canadian domain name that nobody else wanted, or maybe didn't know about.

In the video, they said something about cloud based servers. I'm not an expert on this stuff, but it sounds like they can't afford dedicated servers and will be running the site on the cheap.

The progress bar leads to the start of alpha testing. The site will not be open to the public during alpha testing. If it passes, it will go to beta testing, which may be public but limited. Nobody knows when this site will be opening.

The familiar domain name may give the site an early advantage. Because of the mistaken belief that BlogTV is "returning," some people and former BlogTV users are looking forward to the opening.

If the new owners are competent; if the site looks good and works well, the people excited by the "return" of BlogTV might hang around, and the site could have some success. Otherwise, it will be just another crappy new cam site like most that have started since Stickam, BlogTV and Justin.tv closed.

Anonymous said...

vaughn and most those other sites are for wimpy little sheltered fags that can't handle human to human interaction that far superior sites like Battlecam thrive off of. Anyone who can't cam and socialize with others face to face is a socially awkward fucktard out for an ego feeding and nothing more. These people should be on meds or in a psych ward, not on any cam site.

Anonymous said...

Roco appears to be excited by the new BlogTV.ca site. I thought he had quit broadcasting. I guess it was only Vaughnlive that he quit.