Thursday, March 10, 2016

It Came From Egypt

As noted yesterday, notorious Battlecammer Miss Egypt Beauty recently made her return to the cam sites over on, and she's certainly picking up right where she left off on BC. Known for her smooth moves and alluring curves, Miss Egypt is a one of a kind talent that has been greatly missed. Now back to make us fall in love with her all over again, a performance for the ages, carefully curated by Topcat, awaits you down below. You've never laid eyes on such a feast before, trust me.

You better believe this is going behind the cut.


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha ounce in a lifetime for this precocious moment are you serious old ugly hag hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

hahahaha ounce in a life time of this precious moment hahaha are you serious you ugly old hag

Anonymous said...

I was very surprised to see her on there. She had said she hadn't been on that site in a couple years. I say surprised because her type of shows are not meant for classier type of sites, if there is such a thing. On Battlecam she did some gross stuff like shitting and pissing on things. I can't help but think Cavacho would be the perfect guy for her.

Anonymous said...

They eyes cannot unsee what can be seen.

She is not shy. At least a few guys out there know she will not only put out but will do things beyond their wildest dreams. Candidate are:

bono wife #4

Unlike the pussy bchouse, mac can create a true fight club. All 8 men can enter a very small abandoned warehouse with only one door to let them in. Various instruments will be strewn about:

A machete
Broken bottles
A 6 foot chain with 3lb weight welded on it.
A 5 foot iron bar
One 9 foot spear
3 garbage can lids
One 2x4 (of course)

8 men enter, 1 man leaves to the blushing arms of sweet Egyptian Beauty waiting to be swept away to the nearest pink colored gay motel. All expenses paid by the webcamwoodshed. May God have mercy on the winner.

Anonymous said...

8:48 you really put thought into that and typed that up?? LOSER!