Thursday, March 3, 2016

Daily Update 3/3/16

Credit to Slaya and the Anons for all the screencaps.


Vaughn Melodrama

Tennessee homeschooling explained.


Pimp Out Gracie

Come take him/her for a test drive, fellas!


Ryderbak Banned...Again

Won't you kindly visit behind the cut to view the reasons why?


Anonymous said...

Gracie puts ads on Craiglist lol. Gracie also should stop rubbing it's body when publicly casting. He/she says it's to draw attention to his/her cause which is absolutely stupid. No wonder Gracie is getting perverted emails. Act respectful on cam and maybe Gracie might get it in return.

Anonymous said...

For Rent: One tranny. Can die my hair blonde but I still have man hands, feet, legs, butt and Adams apple. Love to dress up and play house. Willing to partner with Scott77 for light bondage for the right group of black men. I can host. You can beat him while I make you watch me dance like Anna Williams.

Your privacy is guaranteed. I will not video it like MandaMoo. I will not whore ourselves on cam for attention like chicky12. I am a free spirit tranny. You won't have to pay for me like bourbon to get laid. Sex toys are a plus. If you don't have any of your own I can supply our local sex toy vendor Ayyone to come in and demonstrate the latest in rubber novelties.

On the 60" tv I can play videos of the FERN jacking off solo. On the laptop I can provide Bambichokehold doing the finger dance if you are so inclined to watch. If you need more than one tranny I can get Rachel. He's not as pretty as I am but has a mean 8 that lasts all night long.

After a delightful evening of crazy sex we can look forward to ChefJ and his easy bake oven preparing us the latest 5 star cuisine from veggies grown in my own garden.

I am versatile and take payments in alkibucks, vaughndollars or chump change.

Concerned Citizen said...

Damn, I can't believe Ryderbak got banned for endorsing Trump for president. It is nuts what Scruffy and Mark will ban for these days.

Anonymous said...

Concerned Citizen, change your name to DUMB CITIZEN. He got banned for showing his cock and balls.

Anonymous said...

iT STARTS AT 1:23 AND END AT 4:35. 3 MINS 12 SECONDS loser loser loser.
then they talk for 15 mins. she doesn't like him. 3 mins LOLOL

Anonymous said...

Bourbon is a creepy fuck who has a habit of recording audio when meeting up with women if she is down to fuck. TOTAL LOSER!!

Anonymous said...

Rape? They took Mark out of school to protect his bunghole from the other sixth graders? Was that in California; when did they move from California to Tennessee?

Anonymous said...

I would rather take a cheese grader to my penis, than to rent that he/she for a weekend.