Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A "Fox" in the "Hen House"

For all those Scotty2Naughty fanatics wondering why Saint Seven doesn't cast on Battlecam anymore, here are the definitive answers you've been looking for. Damn, Alki just got told! And our messiah of damaged young cam vixens even roped poor Oprah into his amazing social casting sermon. Ouch!

Credit Lurkers for the pics.


Anonymous said...

Scott was on main earlier arguing with Harry in chat who called him a pervert who is too busy watching cam girls instead of writing his book. After that all these tweets came out. It isn't like Harry wasn't speaking the truth.

Anonymous said...

Harry's right, Scott needs to concentrate on those two best sellers, for the good of mankind.

Anonymous said...

And it only took you 4 years to figure this out scott?

Anonymous said...

Vicious trolling on the site? Come on Scott; look at the stuff Alki has done over the years that included giving out numbers of people who pissed him off telling others to troll them. Do you really think Alki cares? Your complaining to Alki all the time is a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Idiot can't even spell the word 'vicious' and repeatedly over does capitalization on random words.

How the fuck is he going to get a book publish?


Anonymous said...

what book he is delusional who ever believes scott is writing a book you are fools hahahahaha writing a book he is saying that for 6 years you suckers he is delusional

Anonymous said...

I'd say 9:36PM is a functional retard, but he doesn't seem very functional.

Anonymous said...

Harry did kill Battlecam, everyone knows this and has stated this for years. Scott and Harry creeped all the good looking women off the site.