Thursday, February 4, 2016

Well, Okay Then

I really wish this was a fake Tweet. Something made on one of those, er, fake tweet maker websites. At least that would go a long way towards explaining Dr. Scott's latest batch of brilliance. But no, it's real. Oh so very real.

Credit Frogtech for the screencap.


zane said...

Ever visit scott house bring your own bottle water.

Anonymous said...

the water in the reservoir is not clean scott you dumb old pedo creeper fucktard.
If this is how you end up when your old i'm with vikki and bish rail chemicals till death.

Anonymous said...

Ewwwww wtf why would he say something like that?

JustSayin said...

I went to the doctors today. I stopped for a bottle of barqs rootbeer. They had $30 Ohio lottery scratch off tickets called "$500 million dollar spectacular". I bought one and won in three places.


$1,000 winner! Let Scottcreep drink toilet water.

I'm going to cash it in. That's $500 for me in a jar to use for toys for tots and $500 for a food pantry! And it only cost me $30!

God loves good people.

God hates Scott. He has told me so many times. He makes him suffer for being a SINNER! God hates a sinner. He should turn him into salt. The man is pure evil, lazy beyond words and a creep.

Anonymous said...

mac will cash in on the toilet tank water by clever marketing.

Anonymous said...

That pot water he warshes with is toilet water!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Fuck you people are stupid. Scott said Toliet...not toilet. You jackals are so thirsty you cant read anymore.

Anonymous said...

Twitter needs spell check. To think this man is saying he is writing a book. lol mmmm toilet water, 9:06 can't be too familiar with Scott and his misspellings.

Anonymous said...

9:06 is a fuckin moron. Probably drinks out of the toilet too.