Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Remembering Johny Utah

Alas, he fell to the might of the 400 pound lothario of the Smoky Mountains, hellbent on serving one delicious bonbon of social casting machismo after another to the waiting mouth of his fair e-maiden, Amanda_T. Please feel free to share your most cherished memories of Mr. Utah below in the comment section. It's what he would have wanted.

Credit one of the Shoutbox Anons for the screencap.


Anonymous said...

iVlog > Vaughhnlive

Anonymous said...

Lost all respect for JohnyUtah when Ayyone joined Vaughnlive, he didn't know a thing about the guy but ganged up on him with Fox, Joe and co like a true sheep. A big ass kisser of Fox.

Now he's mod in Ayyone's channel on ivlog, pos.

Anonymous said...

Mark didn't even renew his business license. According to the internet and a tip from a troll he hasn't renewed it. It looks like the money being hauled in from VIP badges aren't covering business expenses. Either that or Miss Scruffy is spending that dough on Avon or battery operated callous removers.

Gamergirl race baited A1 and the dupe fell for it. Those aren't his kids, they are his nephews. She said they all should be deported and sent back to Mexico.

A1 won't last long on ivlog before they realize this fake mexican bandito is all mouth. He threatens people and they'll ban his ass once they realize he's more of a liability than asset. We all watched him cast listening to Mark Vaughn play his video's. For over 3 hours he cursed Mark, his mom and the site. Then he turns tail and swalllows his pride and asks not to be permabanned. They leave it up to GG and Ayyone tells her that he will leave her family out of the trolling. He apologized like a bitch. He lost face with everyone that supported him. He's as dead as a dildo collection with expired batteries. He's as useless now as bad lube.

JohnUtah is a casualty of built up frustrations and hypocrisy. He and many others see how the rules are applied to some but not all. He's seen how Daryl kicks people for merely typing and Daryl gets butthurt. They aren't breaking any rules at all. In fact, Mark said that he could care less about the trolling and squabbling as long as you did not take it outside of the community. Daryl will kick you on a whim. He spoils the fun and others leave when people like JohnUtah and others are actually making chat worth staying to read and enjoy the evening.

FREE JOHNUTAH and remove Daryl as staff. Daryl will even out people who are not signed in "guest3456 is really johnnyutah, sign in bitch". If for example that was johnnyutah and he wasn't breaking any terms of service Daryl has NO right to out him. He can only see ip sets because of his position as staff. He has an unfair advantage to everyone else and to out anyone is a huge break in the trust that was placed in him. People won't type if they know they will be outed when they are trolling for fun.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mark should cast and explain why Johnny Utah was banned. Please reveal the report that was made that resulted in the banning.

Anonymous said...

@7:48 AM His nephews but he adopted them since very little, so they are his children.
How is he a fake Mexican? He did good apologizing, GG should have done same going after family. He asked what's going to happen next to his channel,never asked not to be permabanned. He hasn't gone back since and hope he never does.

Anonymous said...

Mark your site is starting to die you had a good thing and have fucked it up.
Fire your mom or your site will die.

LurkersAnonymous said...

i agree, anon @ Feb 10, 9:39 AM, but it should be a 9 hour cast or even an all day cast explaining johny's ban (and recap ayyone's for those that missed it you know coz 6 hours of it wasn't enough). seriously, what a shock though, eh. i noticed he liked a few of my photochops, so yeah, i'll miss johny.

Anonymous said...

Like that is going to stop utah.

Anonymous said...

I don't give two shits about JohnnyUtah or Ayyone.

But the way Mark runs his site, and the continued mistake made over and over of having butthurt admins like Daryl, representatives of his business, is ridiculous.

Mark should have learned what to do with butthurt trouble making admins from Justin.tv, when Mark started trouble they canned his ass.

Anonymous said...

Why have "guest chat" at all if Daryl will just tell people who the guest is? What is the point? Vaughnlive.tv is no more fun than bc. Too many rules. Too many mods. Too many daily changes of what the rules are. Mark said "I don't give a fuck about trolling" yet Daryl will tell who a guest is? Why register then? Your information isn't safe when they will put your info out.

Daryl will tell who you are as a guest. Mark will get an email from someone and then put their info out on his facebook.

Mark is an impetulant child. He clearly has zero social skills outside of vaughnlive or his home.

Did you hear him bragging that when alki was on jtv and "alki was showing his wifes tits and his ass I closed his room down". Oh brother. He was hardly the only admin who closed alkis room down. People complained when his slut wife came on camera and they closed his room down. Mark acted like he alone closed his room. According to Mark, alki then started up bc because Mark would not allow alki to cast on jtv. lol what an ego.

Anonymous said...

Mark Vaughn - Possibly the biggest autistic loser on the internet

Anonymous said...

Daryl is a broke dick, white trash FAGGOT. RIP Scruffy

Anonymous said...

Daryl will watch as a guest and then log in when there is "trouble," meaning when someone criticizes the scrag dopes or points out the bogus viewer counts for GG or bubba.

Beware! Daryl is always where GG is.

Anonymous said...

I'm about ready to file a complaint with the Department of Justice against vaughnlive.tv.

KIMDOTCOM is being charged because he KNEW illegal copyrighted material was being broadcast and did nothing about it. You don't simply have to sit and "wait" for a DMCA complaint to be filed in order to act.

Mark is not doing a thing. In his case he is profiting by it by allowing all those illegal works to be broadcast. Since you can go in and watch almost any movie in its current release or any show that is not in the public domain they need to file against vaughnlive.tv and obtain an order for him to monitor his own site or shut it down.

He is no better than anyone else who allows thefts go unchecked. He's collecting revenue from ads using copyrighted works of others. That's plain theft.