Saturday, February 27, 2016

Quick Hits and Shit 2/27/16

Hogslammer's Night Out

Hogslammer had a fun night out at The Blue Oyster. Credit Anon for the video.


Scott is Mysteriously Banned from Another Channel on MyFreeCams

This time, it's the more cartoonish version of Kmae who did the honors.


Around the Blog-o-sphere

- Troll2 has a message for Anna Williams.
- Anna is doing...whatever it is that Anna does.
- Storm Davis has started his own Storm Report blog.


Anonymous said...

Hog was hilarious last night. The first place someone told him he could not cast after being there for hours so he went to another bar, bikerbar I think it was, and had more fun.

Anonymous said...

Wow, if Scott just upgrades to premium he'll get 'red tier heart club' status photographs...on an Internet overrun with free porn.

This is why those without hot water stay without hot water.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Scott, I know I'm a whore who takes my clothes off for strange men on the Internet, who dresses like a little girl to give back alley anal to scraggly men with the faint smell of urine...but you're creeping me out, blocked.

Anonymous said...

hogslammer dance

Anonymous said...

You mentioned Kmae... has anyone seen or heard from her?

Anonymous said...

Cousin Misc said Kmae got raped and murdered, as befits a worthless whore.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Scott hasn't been banned from MFC. All he does is stalk and harass young women and try to impose his manipulative propaganda.

Anonymous said...

So many horny bitches.