Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Quick Hits and Shit 2/24/16

Who is the Real Jenna?

Poll courtesy ECV.


The Ultimate Carla Vine Compilation

Featuring viral video superstar Claudette.

Ok you Carla freaks! Here's the ULTIMATE CARLA VINE COMPILATION!!! Get yourself a 24 oz Moutain Dew, gather the kids, and have a watch! Special appearances by Chelcie Lynn and VC Laughs
Posted by White Trash Network and Friends on Saturday, February 13, 2016


New From The Miscbury Collection

It's Daniel Duh Misc and his cheeky, smiley basketball buddy.


Sexy Chris Flagging Videos

UK Muppets has a story on Sexy Chris While flagging any YouTube videos featuring himself.


Chris Bama Sets His Fupa on Fire

Click the "Read More" link below to view the fireballs. Credit: Slaya and the Battlecam Facebook Group for posting the gif.

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Anonymous said...

It appears the Claudette video is gone.