Thursday, February 18, 2016

OGMike and Jenna Show Season Finale

More OGMike and Jenna drama on last nights show. Here are a few clips thanks to Anons.

OGMike talks to himself about Jenna.

OGMike saves his used condoms.


Anonymous said...

What a disgusting nigger.

Anonymous said...

@mrmacgregor or any other editor

add this last video to the post

it's mike's final goodbye from the night as he wraps everything in a near little package lol

Anonymous said...

mike and jenna is always the same face it you a dumb ass knowing that jena is trolling making you look like a dumb ape o i meen you are a dumb ape and jena your a spoil cunt daddys girl

Anonymous said...

stupid monkey og mike--->

Anonymous said...

lol @ he gets respect. Jenna (a guy) should get him working on robbing a bank next. Mike did say he would in the recording lol