Saturday, January 16, 2016

Well, Shit

NOW what do we do?


Anonymous said...

Thank God for small favors?

Anonymous said...

No loss there. She's a nut!

Anonymous said...

Mental bitch.

Anna Williams said...

You wouldn't know it was closed if you hadn't been trying to read it :) Fucktards! I close my blogs every now and again. I have 4 jobs, a daughter and many responsibilities in life :) I am not always online as you idiots are.

Anonymous said...

Anna you're a crazy hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

She needs a beer.

Anonymous said...

Anna, some due respect, your mental illness comes out in the strangest of ways.

You stubbornly insist on remaining on a website that is known primarily for trolling, challenges and disgusting social behavior yet you believe that you're giving some class to it but silly bikini dancing, verbally reading books that no one on the site cares about and acting as though you are above slutty behavior while you engage in immoral activity with BC casters like Stiffs and Nino.

Also, what's with the silly password-protected channel and invite-only blog? Yeah, yeah, I know. You're filming yourself for posterity...blah blah blah...but there are so many ways to do this without having to stay on a site that you basically detest and feel you're above.

You're such a flaming hypocrite, you're blind to your actions and seem strangely stunned by the negative reaction you get. What the fuck do you actually expect on sites like BC and Vaughn? Classy, cultured intellectuals who enjoy using their free time discussing the merits of Toni fucking Morrison?

Are you kidding me, woman?

Get a fucking grip. Either play the game of Battlecam like the rest of us are doing or stay the fuck away and find a place where you can cuddle with grandmas and strange men who constantly tell you you are hot and you can flirt with.