Friday, January 15, 2016

The Chris Bama Happy Hour

Credit Channel Zer0 for the videos, and for saving the blog from the "ain't shit going on" doldrums. Until someone produces a recording of OG Mike trying to call Jenna and having big black Shondolvett Tariq answer the phone instead, this is what we get -- a slightly inebriated Chris Bama vs. Warrior, Real Justin, and company on the ruins of Battlecam Main.


Anonymous said...

It is a sad day indeed when this is the highlight of something to post. The dregs of human kind being on cam for something to make news.

Warrior is one of those guys who wears fake medals and pretends he was in the service. It's disgusting. He lied all that time he was in the basement telling everyone how lovey dovey he was with his wife and family, when in truth, they threw his ass out on the street. Then he goes on and on about post traumatic stress. LIAR. He uses that generalized excuse for his behavior. He is just common bc trash like mr.random, bourbon, cavacho and chrisbama.

Anonymous said...

Warrior was all too excited just recently hooking up with some girl named Chelsea going on how he would be divorced soon and in a new place. The same girl he was fucking while still married which is a disgrace. Now they are no longer together? LOL Wonder what happened there.