Friday, January 1, 2016

Kneecoleslaw vs PETA

Kneecoleslaw  from was banned last night. She got drunk as fuck, did karaoke and choked her cats out live on stream. The "fans" immediately began tweeting , reporting her to twitch and uploading videos. This morning she was banned. Mark and Scruffy are already on the ball to bring this shit show to the big VL.

Reddit thread.

Here is the video of the animal abuse.

Here is her response to the video.

And here was's response.

Follow her twitter at if you want updates.

PETA actually responded to one of the tweets. 

Also will have a video update about this.


Anonymous said...

You need the video of the black cat where you can hear it getting pissed off by the way she is holding it. That is the one where the bitch is being told to stop by a female caller choking the poor thing. The video where she says I'm showing I'm the dominant one. The video is on Keemstars twitter.

Anonymous said...

Video with the black cat