Sunday, January 3, 2016

Cyberman's Weakness

Nothing at all uncomfortable about this crossover scene between The Big VL and Periscope, no? But fear not, gents and dames -- Miss Scruffy is here to put a stop to such creeptastic shenanigans!

Credit Anon 8247 and Frogtech for the screencaps.


Anonymous said...

Creepy! and this guy used to cast naked without exposing himself on cam. I just checked his channel Scruffy's comments are still in there and I bet he won't even see it when others type pushing the text up.

Anonymous said...

Mark and Scruffy just blah blah blah but still harbor these pedophiles, racists and antisemites on their website.

ConcernedViewer said...

I saw this all as it unfolded and reported it immediately (the screenshot is one of the ones I sent to Lynn). While I was waiting for Lynn to appear, he changed it back from his desktop screen-share to his 4-way split cam cast and he was flushed red (embarrassment?) looking around frantically. I am convinced he didn't mean to be screen-sharing it and realized he was at some point.

I always thought this man was very "creepy" and had seen things with him naked and masturbating before on several blogs. This just confirms everything I had suspected about him. If anyone sees him doing anything that is against TOS, please be sure to report it. Had Lynn gone into his channel when he was recasting those girls (who had to have been only 10-14), I'm sure she would have banned him right then and there. Unfortunately, he switched from the desktop screen share right before she came into his channel.

It is really disgusting seeing this kind of shit. Make sure to say something to VaughnLive staff and report it if you see any of this crap going on.

Anonymous said...

Joe Walsh was IP banned from VL for typing "There'll be trouble" in fiddleheadj's chat, but this pedo is still there.

Strong priorities, Lynn.