Sunday, December 6, 2015

Well There's a Surprise

The fatter man's OG Mike, Swax, and his profile pic he hasn't changed since 2005, is on Younow and following a metric shit-ton of underage girls that the site is known for? No way! No fucking way! Lies! Slanderous, malicious lies, I tell you!

I'm sure he just has a lot in common with those 15 year olds and enjoys discussing world politics and philosophy with them.


Credit Frogtech for the Swax pic. He's 19.


Anonymous said...

This post only serves to confirm what we've always known...this dude is a fat slimy scummy sexually inappropriate pedo creep.

Anonymous said...

swax looks like ogmike in 5 years

Anonymous said...

macgregor just confirmed what he is all along for clicking on a younow link

Anonymous said...

This is so creepy and disgusting yet, i couldn't fucking stop watching!

He eats a Poptart the way I picture a camel or fat rodent would.

Dude has always been sketchy with women.


Anonymous said...

If he had long black hair he would look like the other creep Haskel. All those young girls probably added him because they probably think he looks like his profile photo.

Anonymous said...

If his contacts (fans) on younow seen what he really looks like most would remove him. He is really saying he is 19? that is just sick, what a creep.