Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Trumpet of the Dumb

With demand for more man ass at an all-time high here at the blog, there may never be a better time to post a GIF of Vaughnlive's ElectroJed shoving his electro trumpet up his big fat electro keister. Thanks to everyone's favorite Shoutbox Anon for the GIF, and credit to whoever made that and the pic. And you're welcome, Paq.

Click the "Read More" link below to make some beautiful music with Jed.


Anonymous said...

After Sara62, the Vaughnlive slut showed her nasty ass and did a little dance of satan during their Christmas special, the vaughns left to go behead chickens so they can drink the blood and laugh at everyone signing up for those VIP's.

This fatass on a bear skin rug slept with Miss Scruffy and tore her insides out. She had to go have surgery to repair the damage.

Anonymous said...

This Jed plays this game where he morpes two faces together (casters) and you have to guess who they both are making fun of them. He is a toothless obese ugly slob the nerve of him to insult others and he's in everyone's business on VL.

Anonymous said...