Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Gaping Void

Vaughnlive's Ryan Jones was at it again last night over on the rehabilitation ministry known only as Chaturbate. Yet again she had us join her in her descent down into the abyss referred to as her meat wallet while screaming out Slaya's name, and yet again no man or woman who viewed the show left it completely sane. Of course, there's always one brave soul who enjoyed what he or she saw, even to the point of donating their hard earned cash made from massaging the prostates of African American NBA players to the cam vixen in her great time of need. And once again, that brave soul could only be Da Misc.

Pic is behind the cut for the sake of good taste. The United Dyslexic French-Canadian Order has even more positions and poses from Miss Ryan Jones here.


Anonymous said...

Bish should be doing this.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus.

Is there such thing as love at first sight of dildo-ed asshole because if there is, I have fallen hard for this lovely gem of a human being?

Bless her little anus...i mean, heart.


Anonymous said...

"please god no" truly sums it up. this bitch needs to retire. hashtag "sizequeen"? I can see why. A small penis would FALL out of that streched out vag.

Anonymous said...

Look how wide open she is? A head could go up in there. Men paid for that being she is/was an escort? Just nasty!

Anonymous said...