Tuesday, December 22, 2015

She's a Vampire

Namely Mistress Vampire, a.k.a. Alice Malice, from Cheesey's old stomping grounds, Camfuze. Seems like she's a tad bit upset, possibly inebriated off moonshine and four loko. And here I thought vampires were usually all mellow, occasionally glittery and emo, but pretty chill most of the time. Huh. You learn something every day. Like Bela Lugosi must be rolling over in his grave and this chick needs to up her dosage of Prozac yesterday. Face on camm or b banned!!! I vant to suck your cawk!!

Credit Jacqui and HateTrain for the video.


Anonymous said...

Alice just needs a really good fuck.

Anonymous said...

She has always been whacko and easy to get upset. The guy with her must be her caretaker because this one certainly isn't normal.

Anonymous said...

Hope someone tells her about this post and she rages again.