Monday, December 21, 2015

Guest Lives Matter

Your thoughts on this breaking news, Anons? Because the opinions of Anons are always valued and in fact encouraged without character limit here on (cheap pop, high five!).

Credit (who else) an Anon and Lurkers for the screencaps.


Anonymous said...

This is a precursor from blocking all guests from seeing any chat at all unless they sign in. You can't chat anonymously on many other sites and Vaughnlive has allowed it for a long time. Since most guests use these accounts to troll with, banning them from any and all chat is going to be the only way to stop this and make them sign in if they want to read chat and participate.

Anonymous said...


The 70 character limit is the only new rule being applied.

Sara62 can still show her boobs and ass like a camwhore.

Warrbuck can continue to drink and swear until he passes out
on the floor of his mothers home. She suffers from elder abuse
by her alcoholic son and that practice will go on. She enables
him so the old hag knows what she is doing.

ogmike will still be allowed to talk to the "invisible woman" on cam.
She is pure trash and they are a match made in hell for each other and no one feels sorry for either one of them.

A1 can still continue to violate the new rule "no showing off sex toys or advertising them" since he did this before the new rule was put into effect. We realize that since he's been banned by he has little to offer but his sex toy collection. He cannot vote. He cannot own a gun. So he puts on a fake smile and very fake laugh and tries to put on a cast where sex toys consume his life. How sad. Pity him.

Wingman left vaughn and went back to bc. thank you. Soon we will all see if Linda is carrying his baby or if the baby is african american. (his words not mine).

Anonymous said...

Vaughnlive customer base:

76% Mexicans
14% guests
10% casters

Mark, your site isn't that great. Grow up and move out of mommies house

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that 70 character limit was Miss Scruffy approved?

Miss Scruffy did not want Warrbuck, Foxman or Walsh to return.

At a Thanksgiving dinner the issue was discussed by all board memebers present. Mark over ruled Miss Scruffys objections and ruled on his own to let that drunkard Warrbuck return.

Knowing she was powerless and without the votes to win, Miss Scruffy immediately got up from the table with the gravy urn and dumped the Turkey Gravy down the sink. Mark had to eat that turkey bone dry.

Attagirl Miss Scruffy! The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.

Anonymous said...

rip vaughn live

Anonymous said...

That is one way of getting rid of spammers. If they are slowly trying to be rid of guest chat it will only hurt some of the casters who depend on them mostly i.e Foxman and others. Some casters may end up going elsewhere where anonymous chat is allowed.

Anonymous said...

Mark and Scruffy can die in a fire

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

damn you mark your so selfish and cheap always the jews

Anonymous said...

Mark only did this $9.95 shit because Miss Scruffy recently cut off his allowance since he turned 40.

Anonymous said...

Fucking idiot being an idiot.