Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Chicky's Contract

With Ticklish Cutie recently reappearing on the scene, along with tough competition from the likes of Blue Eyed Fire, Em8, and 760, the voluptuous Chicky12 is becoming quite the nervous nitwit. The job title of Lead Sound Checker for Straws' award-winning broadcasts is on the line and Chicky is getting a little tense, realizing that her days in his channel might be numbered if she's so easily replaceable. Personally, I don't think she has anything to worry about. After all, who else out there is so willing to degrade themselves and their entire family at a moment's notice in order to act out some sick fantasy romance she envisions herself having with a married man who has repeatedly told her she's fat, ugly, and smelly? Who would possibly step up and do it? WHO???

Then again, this is Battlecam. Sounds like you're up shit's creek, Chicky.


Anonymous said...

Chicky is still nuts as ever. Even Vikki wasn't this stupid when it came to stalking Tommy and they spoke over skype. Chicky is still begging for straws skype. The whole site pretty much thinks she is a joke.

Anonymous said... LOL

Anonymous said... All because he said he liked Rachel. Now it shouldn't be too long before Chicky turns on her like she has with others.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Under Tort law, if anyone publishes a false statement on this blog that injures Chicky12's reputation, Chicky12 has a legal course of action. She can sue for damages.

-Joker Unda Stairs:)

Anonymous said...

Impersonating a police officer which is what chicky has done is also against the law. Chicky ruins her own reputation when she opens her mouth and what she has done on cam.