Thursday, December 31, 2015

An(na) Affair to Remember

Banter Williams' sordid saga with her e-love across international and bilingual borders, Nino, has produced enough drama for even the raciest of tabloids. An early morning confrontation between the two star-crossed lovers on BC Main continued this soap opera, with many new faces joining the theater of 1001 Nights in Norway. Check out the totally 100% serious and legit comments below, with no sarcasm at all intended in the screencaps or even in this post. As a wise man from Tacoma once said -- "Internet is Serious Business".

Credit the diabolical Shoutbox Anons for the pics.


Anonymous said...

Anna still going on about this silliness. Keep feeding into the troll Anna, and you call yourself intelligent SMH lol. GET THE FUCK OFF THESE SITES IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE WHAT COMES AT YOU FFS.

Cybrax VisualDreams said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mac?? Since when do you allow, publish racist comments above?

Anonymous said...

Harry speaks English perfectly, actually.

Anonymous said...

I think what's wrong with anna is something called Paranoid Personality Disorder. It fits.

Anonymous said...

How are Anna insult the sweet melodic English spoken in a perfect staccato, accented by a German tint, by Harry Balzac. She's finally gone too far.

Anonymous said...


What the fuck, when did we get time machines? Why am I always the last to know?

Anna Williams said...

The cyberbullies and instigators of harassment are the ones with personality disorders. It's funny how imbeciles love to diagnose others without taking a look in the mirror. I am not paranoid. Mac really did post things about me and is harassing me. It would be paranoia if he hadn't done any of it and I were just thinking out of nowhere that he was ''out to get me''. All of you people who believe Nino and Mac are really pathetic. Some of the photoshopped pictures were taken over a decade ago. They put nino's head on my husband's body in pictures stolen from my blogs and facebooks. None of this is paranoia, it's what people are doing.

Harry WRITES English perfectly, but he has a thick German accent when he speaks. He can't speak Standard English without interference from his first language. That's all I said.

He does feel like he's a big deal because he's an administrator on main using his romansem account. He was helpful many times in the past, but his power trip escalated to the point where he started making sordid accusations towards me that I didn't like.

I rarely ever cast on main. I haven't been on vaughn in several months and my broadcasts are mostly private on BC. So, no, this isn't paranoia, people really are posting things about me and spreading nasty rumours.

The coward anons are the worst ones.

It's useless to try and defend myself or explain myself to a couple dozen ignorant semi-literate people who come to this blog. I am sure, however, that there are a couple of people who realize what is being done against me is wrong and if they don't speak up is for fear of retaliation.

Anonymous said...

lol @ harry leaving the, "Harry speaks English perfectly, actually" comment

Anonymous said...

Anna what about the ones you write about? Do you think they enjoy what you say about them and cannot defend themselves on your blog. You're a damn hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Nino is one ugly boring wino. Look at dem googly eyes.

Anna is right Harry has to very slowly and carefully speak english to not sound like a mumblin bafoon.

Anonymous said...

^One word to sum up your illiterate comment - ironic.

Anonymous said...

UPDATE: Since nino has returned to his beloved England, he has been to the doctors 4 times and is healing up nicely. He had very deep scratch marks all across his back. Probably from Norwegian finger nails digging in as he was bopping away.

Anonymous said... nice photo Anna

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDD a few words from her great friend chicky lol