Friday, December 25, 2015

12 Trainwrecks of Christmas

How does that old jingle go?

12 Chicky12 anal polyps
11 Paquet Labatt Blue's
10 OG Mike catfish
9 Royal warrants
8 layers of Paradice vaginal crust
7 Scott rages
6 Scruffy bible verses
5 Cheesey* golden dildos
4 Foxman teef
3 Frank Taylor wishlists
2 Misc unpaid betting debts
and a Crackyboo in Section 8!

Or something like that. Merry Christmas, everyone. Chops/pics courtesy Lurkers Anonymous, and I hope everyone, social casting dimwits included, have a great day.

(*not really a trainwreck, but I couldn't come up with anyone else for the golden dildo line)


Mary said...

I can take a joke and all but putting me in a category that involves "trainwrecks"? Now that is a huge insult Mac, jeez. You might as well stab me in the heart while you're at it.

Mr. Macgregor said...

Er, sorry Cheesey. That was a pretty big oversight on my part. I wrote this at the crack of dawn and probably didn't proofread it enough. I'll put an asterisk next to your name. I know you're not a trainwreck.

LurkersAnonymous said...

since i hear that ayyone is into online sex toy sales (enthusiastically showing some of his goods on cam, before the vaughns pointed out that he cannot do that any more lol) lol), he might be a good golden dildo match =P merry christmas, woodshed <3

Anonymous said...

for dildo queen you should have put in that bitch Veronika

she was reported for showing dildos and putting them in her mouth.
a violation of vaughn rules yet she wasn't banned. looks like the good christians the vaughns are like satanic sin on cam.