Sunday, November 8, 2015

Steelie Has It His Way

I'm a little under the weather with chronic flatigue syndrome at the moment, so pardon the quick write-up. One of Vaughnlive's most upstanding citizens, Steelie, has been going more than a little bonkers lately. You may recall a few weeks back when he allegedly tried to hang himself in Loveleigh's basement while her kids were sleeping upstairs. Well, things have only gone downhill for the inbred ragamuffin since then. Here's a bunch of videos sent to me detailing the many woes of Steelie D. Head. Since there's so many, I'll just link them instead of embedding them and crashing the blog. Thanks to Channel Zer0 for the vids and Lurkers for the play-by-play and chop. Now excuse me, it's time to go back to shitting my guts out.

1. 1st kick - from a bar due to naughty troll activity me thinks and/or calling other patrons goofs lol

2. hanging out in burger king - creeping on teenagers and telling ppl he's just out of jail lol

3. more burger king

4. smoking in burger king lol

5. drinking vodka (or water pretending it's vodka) in burger king 2nd kick =P

6. end of burger king repeating hateit hateit hate me lol


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Anonymous said...

Smoking inside Burger King hahahahahahaha There was no gf with him or she would have spoke on the cam with him even if she didn't want to show her face whether she was working or not, the place didn't seem that busy. At least if he ended up in jail he would have a place to sleep for the night and he definitely wasn't sober.