Monday, November 30, 2015

No Mo' Sno

Shocking. Absolutely shocking news. Truly, who could have possibly seen this dramatic turn of events coming?

Link to the original article here. Original Woodshed post from a few months back detailing the baby name shaming antics of Chief Keef here. Thanks to Lurkers for the link.


LurkersAnonymous said...

lol based on a couple of recent alki facebook and instagram posts i think alki's 2 yr old might be getting custody of a used bmw =P

Anonymous said...

No surprise here, everything trust fund loser Alki David touches is an epic fail.

Anonymous said...

A1 saw keefe was fired and saw his chance to get back in!

Anonymous said...

alki not pay someone?
alki demand a gift back? haha

bctwins learned! and where are they? zzzz

Looks like davelive kept the tricaster and told alki to kiss his


Steven Z said...

Anything alki does is a huge failure.