Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cheesey Mounts Verbal

Things continue to get hot and heavy in the Shoutbox between our resident ghetto Mary Poppins, Cheesedick, and the object of her affection, Draftkings superstar/Pyramid Scheme runner, Verbal. It seems we're inching ever so closer to that unresolved sexual tension between the two finally getting resolved, as dick pics have officially entered the fray. Will Cheesey reciprocate Verby's kinky advances and unleash the gates of Hell known as her vag upon an unsuspecting social casting community? Tune into the next titillating episode of Unshaven Love in the Yukon to find out.


Mary said...

OMG Mac I want to choke you, lol. You guys know I only joke around when it comes to Verbal.

Salami said...

Fuck Cheesey I wanted to beat off for her on skype video and she tells me hell fucking no, and now she playing with a fucking dildo with a guy name written on it who has two inch cock what a fucking cunt :(

Anonymous said...

Anne posted that picture of verby.