Monday, November 30, 2015

No Mo' Sno

Shocking. Absolutely shocking news. Truly, who could have possibly seen this dramatic turn of events coming?

Link to the original article here. Original Woodshed post from a few months back detailing the baby name shaming antics of Chief Keef here. Thanks to Lurkers for the link.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Paradice is a Garage in Ohio

I'd say it was a pleasure knowing you, Angie, but truthfully it was about as enjoyable as dragging my nutsack through a pit of broken beer bottles and still-lit cigarette butts. A.K.A., your old man's garage by the look of things. At the very least, Righttt is continuing Bish's glorious tradition of cracked-out and/or drunk-off-their-ass Ohio nutjobs passing out and languishing in their own filth and misery on cam.

Credit Frogtech for the screencaps in memoriam.

GIF's courtesy Lurkers.

Videos courtesy Paq.

Uh oh! Angie's pops, the rarely seen Bruce (not to be confused with the legendary Bubba Southern), is putting an end to the fun and games for another night. Kind of eerie that not only does Ohio Bruce sort of look like a skinnier Georgia Bruce, but Paradice is doing her best Vikki impression as well, right down to hanging her head in drunken shame while wearing a red robe and pink clothes.

Credit Anon9681 for the screencap.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Scott's Balls Are On The Loose (UPDATED!)

It's always heartwarming to see that Scooter's state of exhaustion doesn't seem to affect him spending 14 hours a day swallowing up the shiny, colorful balls of strangers over on His irritable bowel syndrome, on the other hand....well, you'll have to watch towards the end of the video for some news on that issue.

Can you imagine being Scotty2Naughty's neighbor and hearing all of this (and who knows what else) going on next door? Oh my.

The continuing chronicles of Dr. Scott vs. flash game terrorists has been brought to you by Mr. SuperPointer.


**UPDATE!** - Having an accident before getting around to completing #2 wasn't the only dilemma our buddy Scott faced. Lil' Scotty was also starting to act up and leak all over the place, too! But wait a minute, how is Scott supposed to play his beloved Agar non-stop while also needing to drain his Jesus Juice? Hey, Dr. Scott is a bona fide genius! If anyone can figure out this age old problem, it's surely him. Listen as he cracks that secret below.

Priorities, people. Priorities.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The New Narrative

We've been had, gang. Chicky never loved Straws -- certainly not like Slaya does. She never really wanted to thrust her lumpy hips on top of his face and smother him with her smelly love. It was all just for a potential award winning snuff production. A show, she tells you! It's been a show all along! Stalking Straws, just like she stalked Neal, Cavacho, AJ, Royal, Salute to the Admiral, and 760 to the ends of the internet -- with undoubtedly countless other poor souls caught in the crosshairs of Chicky's 3 inch meat missile -- it was all for the sake of the art of acting. Truly Chicky deserves an Emmy, a Tony, and a Razzy/Rudy for her top-notch performances as a horny, desperate, dingleberry licking trainwreck of a helmet head. Because she knocked that shit right out of the park. Method acting at it's absolute finest.

To Live and Die in a Trap House

Amongst a legion of society's most unwanted degenerates that somehow find themselves camped out 24/7 on the cam sites, multi-talented entrepreneur Real Justin may just be the pillar of the community. He also has a knack for pissing off neighbors and local fiends alike with his charming personality. Check out the video below to watch Justin at his finest.

Link to original video here.

Happy Thanksgiving

From Foxman Shawn's glorious Thanksgiving throne straight onto your dining room table, make sure you take a fresh Joe Walsh after eating until your eyeballs pop out and have a good one. But an important disclaimer -- please, don't be like Cawk Shucker Shawn this holiday. There's no need for that secret Canadian recipe of putting powdered nose candy inside the stuffing, nor is there any excuse for using bodega beer in place of gravy. It's just not going to work. Unless you're Bish or Paquet, then by all means go for it.

Credit Channel Zer0 for the Drano sponsored video.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

He's Randy Alright

For those of you who are hellbent on punishing yourselves by observing the most vile and horrific things around the cam community on a daily basis, here's yet another file to include in the caseload of debauchery. Namely, KKK Grand Wiztard Randallman having a good old time over on Chaturbate in the bi-sexual bear daddy section of the site. So add this to the multitude of things one never needed to set their eyes upon in life, and yet experienced it anyway because none of us can control ourselves when it comes to staying away from these God forsaken social cam sites.

Credit Topcat for the GIF and vid. They're behind the cut for obvious reasons, so click the "Read More" link below if you dare.

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Reviews Are In

Friends, I'm afraid I have some disappointing news. It seems that Cumbox Enterprises may not be the premier fitness choice for a small, STD ridden retirement community in central Florida that we originally thought it would be. After all, if it can't help a 7'2 goofy looking doughboy named Daniel get rid of those unwanted love handles and shape up that pasty white pancake ass of his, what hope does OG Mike's great purpose in life have for the rest of us mere mortals?

Bonus Gorilla Gout pic, courtesy Jenna. Look how cute, guys!

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Liar! Hussy! Concubine! Whoredawg! When Straws finds out about this, I can assure you that he will NOT be amused. Better bust out your skimpiest outfit, a tub of crisco, and the jaws of life, Chicky, because I foresee Battlecam's version of The Twelve Labors of Hercules coming in your immediate future.

Cheesey PM Bangfest 2015

Some filthy, naughty PM's for a naughty type of gal. Cheesey's not a girl, not yet a woman, so now is the right time to snatch up her beautiful snatch, Verby, before some Saudi oil baron looking for a sexy lady to marry and behead on the Big VL does. Hey baby, she's buzzin'! She's hot, she's single, she's ready, willing, and able. And word is Verby will soon be having a category 4 stroke after experiencing the incredible gumjob skills of the Cheesehead.

Thanks to Channel Zer0 for the video. Cheesey is a star!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Gary is the Best Caster of All Time

It's a fact! You can't beat him. He's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!

Credit Channel Zer0 for the video.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Scott Explains The Rousey Loss

Along with "try better" and "punch harder", isn't that the level of expert analysis we've come to expect on all matters from an intellectual such as Captain Ohio, Scotty 'Juicy' Couture? A hot take if I've ever seen one.

Oh yeah, there's a new Scotty2Naughty video from Mr. SuperPointer as well, featuring more wacky interwebs adventures from the esteemed doctor! Credit Lurkers Anonymous for the flatigue of the dead gif.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Shit Ain't Right

You know what, fuck you "Hank Marvin" and "Blue Eyed Fire". Thanks a lot for ruining a paralyzed, teenage girl's dying wish of grinding on the face of super stud Jared Leto for the 12th time. I hope you're happy with yourselves. Pricks.


Hey, they actually did it! Sugar2Spice and her pops defied numerous family laws to tie the knot this past week, and an exclusive video of the niptials is now available on YouTube, in luscious 4K quality! I kid, I kid, about those last remarks. There are no nips to be found in a Sugar Tits video for once, nor does Betamax qualify any longer as ultra-high def imagery. Anyway, congrats to the happy couple, and here's to a long, happy life of green-pubed clit piercing and Ovaltine flavored weed smoking together.

Video updated with higher quality. Thanks Anon

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Return of Bishy Bitties

For the Anon or 200 who keep asking what the dilly yo is Bish up to lately, have I got an update for you. Finally, some more wild Bishy Boo mammaries have been unleashed over Snapchat, with authentic Columbus crackhead corner needle-marks to help sweeten the pot. Get 'em hot, get 'em now, before they start knocking against those scabbed up knee's. Because that day is coming real soon, friends, and then it's all over. Why do you think Scott got out when he did? He's not called the smartest man in the civilized world for nothing.

Credit Prefect and K-lo for the pics. Pics themselves are behind the cut. Click the "Read More" link below to view them.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Save Erin

This seems totally legit.

News From Mark

You mean for the cost of feeding a malnourished Somalian child a bowl of warm gruel each day for a month, I can get myself exclusive VIP access to extended features on a site with an average of 3 broadcasters at any given time (iNSTAGIB) and whatever the fuck "MyVaughn" is? Crap on a stick, what a steal! Sign me up, baby-fat butterpants!

Credit Frogtech for the screencap, Lurkers for the chop.

Cheesey Mounts Verbal

Things continue to get hot and heavy in the Shoutbox between our resident ghetto Mary Poppins, Cheesedick, and the object of her affection, Draftkings superstar/Pyramid Scheme runner, Verbal. It seems we're inching ever so closer to that unresolved sexual tension between the two finally getting resolved, as dick pics have officially entered the fray. Will Cheesey reciprocate Verby's kinky advances and unleash the gates of Hell known as her vag upon an unsuspecting social casting community? Tune into the next titillating episode of Unshaven Love in the Yukon to find out.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Good Intentions (UPDATED!)

Sure, Mike. Sure. You're not stupid.

What? There's really nothing more left to say at this point. The well has run dry on that type of commentary.

Credit Channel Zer0 for the vids.

**UPDATE** -- Uh oh, seems like there's some unrest in the magical land of gorillas and catfish. It's that time of the week where Mike and Jenna have yet another falling out, resulting in a fun game of extortion! Now who could have seen that coming?

Of course, as per usual, this calls for an amazing rap from Bubbles the Chimp's illegitimate son.

Ain't love grand? Credit Anons via Prefect for the screencaps.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bongrip Goes Sober

Shocking news out of the Bongrip camp this evening -- the main man himself is giving up the ganja! What led to this sudden decision is still unclear, but it's quite the incredible turn of events for the supreme pothead pontiff of Battlecam. Credit Lurkers Anonymous for the chat grabs.

So now the all important question on everyone's mind -- what's going to happen when he fully sobers up and realizes that he did this:

And this:

And of course this:

Now *THAT* will be an interesting test case in the full mental breakdown of a man. Somehow, I get the feeling this clean and sober version of ole Bongy isn't going to last very long. I mean, would YOU want to be in anything close to resembling a right state of mind after seeing pictures of you committing such heinous crimes against nature and good taste?

Monday, November 9, 2015

Viruz Finally Gets His GILF

It's about damn time. Finally, we can all put that torrid Lily saga behind us. Viruz is a good man, so congrats to the happy couple. Video below features a little smooch at the end, along with the story of their first meeting in the chat.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Natrasha Explains It All

Listen, if you can't trust the advice of a woman who smokes and drinks and shoots up God knows what into her body while pregnant when it comes to the evils of vaccinating your child, then who can you trust?

Reddit has their own thoughts on this all-important issue.

Steelie Has It His Way

I'm a little under the weather with chronic flatigue syndrome at the moment, so pardon the quick write-up. One of Vaughnlive's most upstanding citizens, Steelie, has been going more than a little bonkers lately. You may recall a few weeks back when he allegedly tried to hang himself in Loveleigh's basement while her kids were sleeping upstairs. Well, things have only gone downhill for the inbred ragamuffin since then. Here's a bunch of videos sent to me detailing the many woes of Steelie D. Head. Since there's so many, I'll just link them instead of embedding them and crashing the blog. Thanks to Channel Zer0 for the vids and Lurkers for the play-by-play and chop. Now excuse me, it's time to go back to shitting my guts out.

1. 1st kick - from a bar due to naughty troll activity me thinks and/or calling other patrons goofs lol

2. hanging out in burger king - creeping on teenagers and telling ppl he's just out of jail lol

3. more burger king

4. smoking in burger king lol

5. drinking vodka (or water pretending it's vodka) in burger king 2nd kick =P

6. end of burger king repeating hateit hateit hate me lol

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Kwame Died For Harry Balzac's Sins

Ayyone continues his about-face towards Battlecam dot com (don't sign up, don't create an account, dat's on everything, dawg!), as The Big VL's momentum and totally legitimate 4.8 million unique viewers can't be stopped. The acquisition of social casting's elite talent is getting quite ridiculous at this point. Who will Mark sign to an exclusive cam contract next? Scott's landlord? Bish's pimp? Foxman's coke dealer? The possibilities are endless and the sky's the limit for Vaughnlive! God bless Mark Vaughn for helping change the lives of gangbangers across Los Angeles for the better.

Credit Channel Zer0 for the videos.

The Shoutbox helps explain Senor Eyebrows incredible viewership numbers: