Saturday, October 17, 2015

These Are The Days

A 30 year old fat man who still lives in Ma Peacock's dystopian Tennessee dungeon and cleans his own ass with a rag on a stick is going to send Twitch and Periscope to the glue factory? 2016 will be the time to be alive, friends.

UPDATE: Someone in the shoutbox posted more pics, I forgot who.


Anonymous said...

Mark bragging again while still living with mommy, what arrogant prick. If he wants to really accomplish something cut ties with mommy's apron strings.

Anonymous said...

mark vaughn is officially insane

Anonymous said...

mark is the 40 year old virgin mommas boy cant make it on your own maybe its a jew thing living with mommy

Anonymous said...

this guys gaming site has already failed once. it's literally the deadest site on the internet. is mark vaughn mentally retarded?

Anonymous said... said

Anonymous said...

I heard troll2 invested $250,000 with Periscope.

Anonymous said...

Its a great site If you like the stench of overgrown teenaged failures....oops I just described Mark.

Anonymous said...

this inbred retard mark vaughn got extremely lucky with his site cos of blog tv, jtv and stickam closing as his site was dead before that and would still be dead if they hadn't closed. his delusions of grandeur make him believe that he's now some kind of big player on the internet up there with youtube, facebook and twitch lmao

the guy is a complete moron, his gaming site is totally dead. it literally only has 4 casters and 10 viewers. does he seriously think that 1 guy with no money and that lives in his moms basement is gonna compete with multi billion dollar companies, that have an army of professionals, just because he's going to update his piss poor clone on twitch a little by stealing more ideas from twitch??? ahahahah

I think mark vaughn should go see a psychologist

Anonymous said...

He's not in the basement of the house. Just saying... Basements don't have full size windows.

He's also making enough to support himself, pay for his mother's VW bug, upgrade his car and even keep the site you all love to hate online.

He's living the American Dream, he is his own boss.


Haters gonna hate.

Anonymous said...

Yup, he is living the american dream at 30 still living with mommy. If he has all this income he should have his own pad. Many who choose to live with parents as adults do so to built money up because they can't afford to live on their own.

Anonymous said...

His comment about $10mm for has to be bullshit. If not, and he turned down the offer, he's the biggest moron to have ever lived.

Anonymous said...

@October 18, 2015 at 2:29 PM

5 years of trying to hold together a shitty site because he autistic, doesn't know what he's doing and has no qualifications so he can't work a real job.

5 years of sitting on a computer 24/7 has made him obese, at risk of a heart attack at age 31 and he looks like a zombie with the pale skin and dark circles under his eyes.

5 years of having no life, no friends, no gf/wife, no kids, still living with mom, and no social life.

5 years of being mocked, laughed at and ridiculed on a daily basis.

5 years of lying his ass off because he's a wannabe and wants people to believe that he's a success

5 years of obsessing over twitch because they got rid of him

5 years of him trying to hit on females on his site and he's still a virgin

5 years of hanging about with mommy on the internet because he has no friends

yup, this guy is living the american dream alright.

i could have bought 10 VW bugs in that time...

Anonymous said...

That Fatfuck and his Mercury mouthed Mommy are delusional money grubbing turds. They preside over the biggest bunch of losers & social rejects this side of Skidrow. Hopefully the whole site will slide back into the splooge it came from.

Anonymous said...

The fucking Vaughns allow foxman and others to constantly drop the N word and hate and attack the jews.