Friday, October 16, 2015

Redneck Gallows

Steeliehead might not have received his Boy Scouts knot tying merit badge, but he sure as shit did earn his "attention whore" and "drunk blockhead" badges with flying colors. Of note - this all took place in Loveleigh's basement while her kids were sleeping upstairs.

Underrated best comment in the chat - "I wish this was Misc on cam". Don't we all, Guest. Don't we all.

Credit Channel Zer0 for the video. More to come, apparently.

**UPDATE** - Here are some more vids from Zer0, including the eloquent-as-always Foxman sharing his thoughts on the incident.


Anonymous said...

He did this in Leigh's place down in the basement? That is just fucked up having to witness that by her kids if he did go through with it. Jesus man get some help if you have some sort of mental issues. Others encouraging him in chat are dirt bags themselves.

Anonymous said...

leigh went to the internet for concern the day after. she is the other half of the retarded cry for attention.