Thursday, October 1, 2015

Jsmth eye rapes vaughn.

Well Jsmth has done it again! Finally found something to do that makes him blog worthy.  All of vaughn live watches intently as Jsmth is passed out in bed with his weiner hanging out. Front page of vaughn is showing what its best has to offer. With Og_Mike and now Jsmth, no wonder Ive been spending most of my time on battlecam. 

 These people should be ashamed of themselves!!

Thank you Laggie for the anatomy lesson.. we weren't sure! 


Anonymous said...

Is someone trying to teach anatomy with all those arrows? lol VL is becoming a porn site. Here is Bubba giving a flash while this is all taking place. Not too many respect the Vaughns any more for all the unbanning they have done over and over. Most know now they can do what they please and get unbanned or avoid a ban completely.

Anonymous said...