Sunday, October 25, 2015

Honest Wincest

Sponheim better watch out. With bold stances on controversial issues such as this, is it any wonder that Honest Frank is quickly gathering momentum for a push into the Oval Office in 2016? I'd even go as far to say that as long as space skullet overlord Frank Taylor doesn't suddenly decide to throw his mop of hair into the presidential race, that the real life superhero-angel is by far the most intelligent and most qualified candidate for the job. Trust me, there is no question that living in Mastic will teach you all sorts of valuable survival skills and leadership experience necessary to hold the highest office in the land. I mean, have you SEEN that place?

Chop courtesy Lurkers.


Anonymous said...

With Supreme Court recognizing all these new liberty interests such as the right to sodomy, abortion, etc., it may not be long before SCOTUS recognizes Honest Frank’s right to run for PODUS. After all, seeing how sodomy and gay marriage are now liberty interests, incest as a liberty interest may soon be a constitutional right. Coming down the pipe soon.

See Daughter to marry Dad article

Joker Unda Stairs:)

Anonymous said...

God, what a sick fucking bastard

Anonymous said...

This sick bastard should not have made a video like this while laughing. Okay he was a kid when this all happened to him and his brother but he laughs while discussing it which is not normal.

Anonymous said...

Honest Frank looks an awful lot a certain toothless drunk from Barrie Canada. Coincidence? I think not.