Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ayyone Saw The Sign

Y'know, I used to poke fun at Ayyone for his shameless cheerleading of Battlecam many moons ago ("It's ya boy A1, Battlecam dot com, sign up, make it happen, shout-out to Mothman, Stiffs, Cavacho's taint, Elly the Dog, this is how we dew it -- ALL! DAY!"), but I could at least understand where he was coming from there. Alki's money vault + his penchant for giving out said money to the dregs of society in exchange for self-mutilation on command....yeah, it's easy to see how one could get caught up in shilling a product like that. However, I have to be missing something with Ya Boy's latest sacrifice of dignity in exchange for brownie points with the staff of a social casting site. What in the actual fuck do Mark and Scruffy have to offer The Riverside Playboy, other than a quart of Paradice's month-old breast milk and a necklace made out of Foxman's discarded teef? Okay, that second one might be kind of sweet. Really though, that Vaughntown Kool-Aid must be some powerful stuff. Otherwise, I don't get it.

Credit Channel Zer0 for the vid.


Anonymous said...

A1 got banned from bc and went RUNNING over to vaughn to cast. He then exclaimed that he signed up for and has been using vaughn for over 3 years now and it's the BEST SITE EVER!

As he was sitting there in his rented trailer cutting down battlecam I noticed that he had the BC poster behind him with all the names on it. So I typed "HAHA A1 IS ADVERTISING BATTLECAM WITH THAT POSTER WHILE HE CASTS ON VAUGHN, THANKS CHUMP!". That got A1s attention and suddenly the poster is covered up with a black sheet. He certainly didn't tear it up on cam.

Oh, A1 keep saying "Fuck bc, fuck alki and jen, fuck lily and fuck harry" yet where did he go this morning to cast? BC. haha, owned bitch!

He's such an easy chump to troll. Do NOT call him "ay-own-eeee" because he hates it!

I heard A1 went back to bc main today because there was going to be a $5,000 prize and he wanted to make sure his fat, ugly, can't do any better than a sex toy selling felon had enough money to buy herself food for November.

A1 DEMANDED $1,500 from alki to show up to the fights in the studio. A1 now denies that ever happened and says it's a lie.

Poor poor A1. cam down, get a job, lower your fat wifes intake to 25,000 calories a day and maybe the fat hippo might actually move a limb every now and then.

Anonymous said...

All these casters do when they get banned on Battlecam is advertise the site over and over on Vaughn. If he really hated the site he would have ripped that Battlecam poster with all the names on it or set it on fire. He keeps calling himself an actor so this could all be just for publicity so others follow him over at the other site when he returns.

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