Friday, September 18, 2015

Just Believe

Once upon a time, a wise man once said the following:

Obviously, Bill Gates never considered the denizens of Section 8, Ohio before he made that statement. Mr. Gates, please meet Dr. Scott:

While Bill Gates might be a little too busy surfing through his money vault filled with billions of dollars like Scrooge McDuck to help Scotty out, luckily everyone's friend Loukiboy arrived to pick up the slack. Can Luke Boy help out Saint Seven with some much needed constructive criticism and help guide Scotty around some of those aforementioned problems?:

Sorry Louki. Sometimes, you just can't lead a one-nutted donkey derp out of his secret fuck dungeon and to water.

Thanks to Lurkers and Luke for the yucks!


Anonymous said...

Scott you're delusional, stop making a fool out of yourself with these tweets. Do you not understand many laugh at you? Get a grip already ffs. Do yourself a huge favor and close your twitter account NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Scott isn't qualified to feed ducks.

Anonymous said...

Thats it scott insult people and they'll grovel at your feet.


Anonymous said...

David @David77111F 18 Sep
@SyedSerendipity your no different that any other human on the face of the earth, I know a secret that no one on earth knows.

What a nut.

Anonymous said...

scott your going to die a old man without a wife to take care of you you pedo creep face reality those teen girls and my free cam girls are young you will never get them i repeat you will never get them to much jerking off got you delusional your in your own dream delusional mind lol your a fucking joke clown scott thats why they pick on you your a joke old fool

Anonymous said...

hahaha what a nut case you retarded man like he is going to do that you loser scott hahaha delusional old fool