Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bish Turns Her Life Around!

After swallowing the mutant jizz of at least 3 urban cowboys the other night on iVlog, our old friend little miss Crackyboo has gone back to an old staple of her broadcasting repertoire and may or may not be up to more borderline homicidal acts as we speak. You know what, I was going to ask someone what her latest mental malfunction is this time, but after seeing these pics I think it's best to take a pass on that. Create your own Bish mad-libs in the comment section instead.

Start with something like "___(A)___ stole a random ___(B)___'s brand new ___(C)___ and traded it to a junkie for some ___(D)___ instead of selling her ___(E)___ tonight to get her fix" and go from there. See below for some suggestions. I'm getting too old for this shit.

(A) - Bish, Kayla, Crackyboo, Dumbass
(B) - black guy, derelict, Scott
(C) - bicycle, radio flyer wagon, little rascal scooter
(D) - box wine, crack, cocaine, crack-cocaine
(E) - ass, mouth, Elly

Thanks to DFW for the screencaps.


Anonymous said...

Fake gun of course.
http://prntscr.com/8bep8v Word is the guy in the background was jerking off where she ended up telling him to go to the bathroom to finish. Ohio sure sounds like a nice place to be if you want to make these kind of friends. Dude looks like a homeless crack head.

Anonymous said...

jackspartyroom got a sucky sucky for fi dolla from bish

codsack said...

I used to LOVE Mad Libs! Didn't you???

zane said...

I more shocked she is still alive. The amount of alcohol she drinks funny her liver not packed in.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Last few days she has been servicing guys in trade for free cigarettes and alcohol. She will probably be setting up for another abortion in the next 30 days testing positive of being pregnant.

Anonymous said...

bish--> http://i.imgur.com/aasTFka.gif

Anonymous said...

lol Asian guy she picked up. I thought I heard him say he works or owns a store. Now she has a place to rob when out of cigarettes and alcohol.