Saturday, July 4, 2015

Alki David Doesn't Pay Streakers


Kyle Fallon is the latest Chicagoan to try to collect on Alki's offer of $250,000 to anyone who can streak in view of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.Fallon claims that he both had written on his back, and chanted the web site as he ran in front of Emanuel.

These were conditions of the prize that weren't well publicized in the PR around the contest (if at all), a contest itself designed only as a thinly veiled advertising effort for the hour and fifty minute commercial/Alki biopic...err I mean movie Lord of the Freaks.

These technicalities are what's going to provide the excuse for not paying Jackie S., the first streaker to get in view of Emanuel (although her video does suck):

What both Jackie and Kyle don't seem to realize is that history says there is no payout. Alki offered $1 million dollars to anyone who could streak Barack Obama back in 2010. When someone did, as the New Yorker reported at the time, Alki did everything he could to get out of paying the $1mm prize. At one point he claimed he wasn't sure he could even provide a payout to someone who had committed a crime, at another saying he was waiting for the President to confirm he had been streaked. Streaker Juan Rodriguez eventually got his rent paid for a year and some of his sister's hospital bills paid for, a prize well short of a million dollar payout.

The video of the coverage of the Obama streaking challenge has provided advertising played in loop on Battlecam ever since.


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Anonymous said...

No matter who does the challenge Alki will find some way not to pay the full amount as advertised.

Anonymous said...

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