Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mother Russia

It looks like Marky Mark and the Scruffy bunch are now working with the Russians. The shoutbox was talking about the new ads on Vaughnlive and it looks like one of the companies is ran by Russians and Ukrainians. The new ads are coming from and, both seem to be promoting adware/spyware. I would install adblock ASAP if you aren't already running it and if you see any ads on Vaughnlive asking you to install anything, DON'T! My guess is Mark lost his adsense account since he allows copyrighted content on his site which is against the google adsense tos. is also allowing people to purchase an ad package for $400 every 90 days.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Can't Rush Greatness (Mike)

With a nod to that rehab ditching, amazonian tweaking, bowling goddess of the wayward lanes, Sarah Sixteen Beers, for the inspiration to the title of this blog post.

Alas, the CEO 10K a day fantasies of one Coinbox Michael will have to wait a little bit longer, after he threw away yet another promising position as head shoe shiner down at The Blue Oyster bar. Where will the baboon land himself next? Stay tuned. I do believe Jenna has been in super secret negotiations with the preeminent Ocala old folks home to score Mike a coveted job cleaning the shit stains out of crusty Depends for that fine establishment. Sounds like everything is finally turning up OG Mike!

Jack hates Roco and all black people

Jack was in his channel raging about how Roco can call people honkeys, crackers and gooks, but he can't call roco the n-word. Here a video of him raging courtesy of TopCat.