Monday, May 25, 2015

Woodshed Exclusive! Horny Yeti Attacks Unsuspecting Public!

**Moved back to the featured post position due to popular demand!**

Just imagine Haskel peddling home from work right now, whistling a happy tune, not a care in the world. Big ole' smile on his smug face. Coming home to a nice, relaxing night of talking shit in the Shoutbox. Kicking his hairy feet up, cracking his knuckles, opening the Shoutbox, and then shitting the biggest fucking brick of chicken fried rice imaginable once the booger snot catches a whiff of what's been posted. Can't you visualize such an amazing moment?

I sure can!

Blog God-Messiah Paq has more on this story, so go take a trip to French Canadia-land if you want the gruesome details laid out in such an eloquent way as only Paq can provide. I'm already skeezed out enough as it is knowing I had Flasher420 sleeping on my couch for 3 days and 4 nights a few years back.

If You Insist

There you go, gang. Dirty John's deviant mug has been moved down the blog a bit to make way for an even more spectacular specimen. Absolutely gorgeous doesn't even begin to describe this rare and magnificent creature in all his/her glory!

And please, no thanks necessary for this Post-Modern Prometheus work of art. You're more than welcome as it is.

Monday, May 11, 2015

RIP Bish?

I have decided to take a page from the blog of a frenchmen and give this post a ? title. No one knows what happened to Bish, she posted this video on snapchat and facebook. The frenchmen has commented on the video and this was his response. Click Read More to see the video (Warning Graphic)

UPDATE: Her sister has commented

Lets all pray for our little Kayla #teamkayla
Paquet is still an asshole.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bob The Mad Dog Killer!

Bob openly admits to murdering numerous dogs, live today on Battlecam.  Not sure if I believe him or not, but he does make some good points about people who let dangerous dogs run wild. Im still more inclined to remove bad dog owners from the planet instead of an entire breed.

This was all in response to Lickerish talking about her sick dog. She talked about it all day, and did nothing. Now she thinks the dog is dying and its too late to do anything.