Sunday, April 19, 2015

Vaughnlive after dark!

Im very privileged to live where I do.  I see the best moments on vaughnlive, that most people miss in the wee hours of the morning. While the normal people are away, the rest of us love to play!

Keep your eyes out for "Filly after Dark" This well behaved woman goes wild when the lights go out! 

The first bit of eye candy I came across for the ladies, mmm dat treasure trail! 
You can thank me later ;) 

Knox's friends show us exactly how you do it! 

Vaughns internation man of mystery Mr. SexyChrisWhile. 

Dat ass! 

Giving imonica a run for her money! 

There is good news for those that missed this epic night. Chris doesn't plan to leave his couch for the next two days. He's making one hell of a pile in preparation. 

Make sure you show SexyChris some love, he wants to be the number one caster on vaughnlive. 
I believe he deserves the title.


LurkersAnonymous said...

lol @ "normal" people =P
fun post, slaya =D and yeah, when she's not butting into everyone's beeswax and creating drama or hating on joe walsh, filly is fairly well-behaved *clickity-clack* =P

Anonymous said...

Why does that guy in the black shirt have such skinny arms? He looks like he has aids or maybe he's a methhead. Looks like Chris did well at the food bank, lol.