Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Monkey Down!

Looks like Monkey Mike is down for the count. Mike started rambling on and on how everyone on VL are losers and he was just using everyone for his own benefit. Jenna was lurking in the chat, then decided to log in and message the monkey. After 15min or so of typing back and forth to Jenna he stared at the screen, flipped everyone off and just stopped casting. He came back in the room and typed this out in the chat.

Immediately after, he cammed back up calling Mark a "nigger" and said Raunchfox deserved to die. Scruffy, Mark or a staff member seemed to be lurking in the channel and he was banned. RIP Coinbox.


Anonymous said...

Same old shit with him when he casts. He isn't relevant any more and should just go back to making his beats.

Anonymous said...

calling everybody loser look at him lives with mommy 38 year old man or boy he works in i-hop as a dishwasher he haves no car and rides his bike for a mile for a loser dish washing job mike he got catfished a lot and says he haves big record deals your a joke mike mike face it your a loser you will live with mommy for the rest of your life until shes dead then after that you be homeless you need mommy bitch boy

haskel420 said...


Anonymous said...

8:52 you mad bro?

Well we've seen this 100x before nothing new here moving along.