Wednesday, January 14, 2015

They Tried to Make Me Go To Rehab...

...and you know the rest of the lyrics. The Fall of The Fox continues, in this exclusive video straight out of French Canadialand, courtesy of the most upstanding Frenchman around!

Foxman Shawn - keeping the spirit of Vikki alive in one-five!


Anonymous said...

That is disgusting pranking places like this that help people with substance abuse just so he can get viewers. The Vikki coat rider is played out. I didn't bother to listen but 9 seconds of the video. Most of us know he isn't going anywhere. Every few months he puts out the speech of going to rehab. He's a pathetic loser who is obsessed with staying ahead of others on the top bar.

Anonymous said...

There is the real possibility that he actually wanted help quitting. If that is so, there is no reason for people to be bashing him. Quitting any addiction, be it meth or slcohol, isn't easy. Some people go to rehab several times till they can actually get clean. Some people make that decision and never follow through with it. IT's not easy. So if this is what he's going through, people shouldn't be so horrible to keep making fun of him.

LurkersAnonymous said...

foxmanshawn22 makes a point of reading the blogs regularly, dropping blog links in his own channel and even chats with the authors in the chat boxes.
he loves the attention, good and bad, especially bad as it gives him an opportunity to argue and fuss, getting more attention.
if you've been paying attention, you'd know that foxmanshawn has many professional supports available to him 24/7 in his real life.
but he'd rather put his struggle with alcoholism out there for view count, call online friends and wake them in the middle of the night for their
unprofessional counsel and make prank calls to crisis centers and call them "cupcake" or upon hanging up, lament they he should have asked them out on a date with a big goofy smirk on his face.
his sister, who knows him best, is right. he's not ready for rehab. his current claim is that he doesn't want his aging mother to pass away with an alcoholic son.
it's a bit late for that since she's had at least 25 years of it.
it is my unprofessional opinion that he won't be ready until it's too late or gives up his other addiction: broadcasting for internet "fame".
until then, i'll watch and make light of the show.

Anonymous said...

Foxman doesn't care about quitting drinking no more than fixing up his teeth. He cares more about casting than important things in his life. His casting and drinking go together. As long as he is casting and especially as much as he does he will never stop drinking.