Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Return of Davelive?

That's the speculation on Facebook right now, courtesy Prefect and others. If this indeed is him, it's quite interesting that he would cam up on The Big VL instead of his former hom(o)e base of Battlecam. Plus, lucha libre has been pretty big in Texas for decades now, so it kind of adds up. Nonetheless, It looks like Dr. Scott and others won't be able to "Evad Evil" for much longer, once again proving that only death stands in the way of anyone ever leaving the cam sites forever.


Anonymous said...

He probably doesn't want Alki to find out he is casting on the Vaughn hiding his face and of course hiding from trolls who had posted his personal info. all over the place having to stop his regular casting on Battlecam.

There were a few is his channel (randymantv)last night saying they were reporting him for taking stabs at Candy123 for rebroadcasting his/her who used to cast on Vaughn months ago and JTV who is MALE. Can't remember what his name was then but I remember he spoke of wanting to be female and wasn't sure if he was going to go the full route of being a female with surgery.

LurkersAnonymous said...

dave looks younger than ever! =P
candy123 - http://vaughnlive.tv/candy123 - got a lot of attention last night from being rebroadcast by http://vaughnlive.tv/randymantv who was wearing a mask and interjecting videos about trannies and a song by the nelson twins https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/6d/9d/1d/6d9d1dbfd50da70a9c2168d0c374184a.jpg her chatters and bestie chrisscross something or the other, sent in multiple reports for doing this but i'm not sure it got them anywhere ... the last i saw of candy was a quick peek at a pair of nuts as she stretched her long legs before camming down lol

Anonymous said...

I was watching, it was funny.

ckurtis said...

the girl looks more like davelive than the gimp with the mask