Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Banning of a Frenchmen

Our little buddy Plaqwet caught a site-wide ban from Streamup after writing a blog post about a chick on the site and recording her taking a shower on cam over there. The post, promoted by a friendly, anonymous Pug in her channel, quickly caught the ire of the young lady and led to some of that drama the Paqster oh so desires. Things then took a dark, dare I say JTV-ish turn, when BlackWidow showed her ID, proving that she was actually only 16 years old. Whoops! The failings of a Frenchmen at least provided quality entertainment for the rest of us, as Paq scrambles to remove the post from his blog and erase all his recorded videos of the shower-cast, complete with him breathing heavily in the background while enjoying the show. Now how long until the term "Pedo90" is coined?

And no, I'm not posting any pics of her in the shower here since she's only 16. Go to Paq's blog and check it out while you still can if you really want to.

**UPDATE** - Uh oh! Now the ace crack legal team of Lionel Hutz, Phoenix Wright, and Megyn Kelly are coming after Paq with harsh legal threats for smearing the good name of Streamup! Check out the email that was sent to the Frenchmen because of this latest post from Paq.


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roco1122 said...

good riddance

Johnny Knight said...

Who is the bigger perv--Paq...or Streamup for allowing a 16 yr old girl to cast in the shower? Make you appreciate Vaughnlive's rules doesn't it?

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Email them letting them know they have a creepy admin 1o1chris not enforcing the 18+ rule over there.

The casters are supposed to be 18 so Paquet recording her knowing that he did nothing wrong. When he found out she was under age he removed the videos.