Monday, January 12, 2015

Social Casting Power Rankings (For Week of 1/11/15)

As always, presented by the French Canadian Academy of Dyslexic Social Casting Arts and Sciences, here we go again. Honestly, it was sort of a slow week until yesterday when, well...

1. Paquet (5)
What ridiculous situation will he get himself into next? #PedosForPlaq

2. 1o1Chris (-)
The rogue Streamup Admin partially responsible for the shaming of the Plaqwet family name. Apparently won't be an Admin much longer due to the fallout.

3. BlackWidow8 (-)
The 16 year old shower casting girl who caught the eye and stream recorder of Paq, leading to all sorts of trouble.

4. Foxman Shawn (6)
Stop yelling at your mom!

5. Warbuck (11)
You too! Both The Fox and The Buck suffered the wrath of a ban happy Miss Scruffy this week. Poor guys.

6. Mark Vaughn (-)
Back in Vegas, where he proceeded to do nothing but sit in his hotel room casting with a bunch of sausages. Just like...

2 years ago:

7. Cattitude (-)
Impending e-nuptials with HankyDewd crushes Scott's dreams.

8. HankyDewd (-)
Impending e-nuptials with Cattitude will crush his soul when he realizes it's a troll.

9. Anna Williams (9)
This is a non-interactive comment to educate you witless mongoloids that Anna is still as crazy as ever. And still prancing around in a bikini while acting insane.

10. Stiffs (-)
Man on the run.

11. Miss Scruffy (-)
Speaking of crazy, Frau Eva Vaughn has gone ban happy...and lovin' it!

12. Rachel/Richarlicious (-)
Oh yeah, take it off baby/brah!

13. Abercrombie Chick (21)

14. Scott_Seven_seven (10)
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Bish.

15. Ayyone (-)
A brilliant choice of a career change.

16. Frank Taylor (4)
Oh how the mighty have fallen. But don't count out the Space Skullet Overlord rebounding in the rankings just yet. Frank Taylor is capable of the impossible! Just look at the craftsmanship on those floors, walls, scratching posts, etc.! No mere mortal could perform some quality renovation.

17. Real Justin (23)
Speaking of fallen...

18. Croft (-) appears that Doctor Feelgood has become infatuated with Chef J and his Real 9 Incher!

19. Zodd (-)
Reminiscent of Louki two weeks ago, sometimes dreams do come true.

20. UFC DMCA Gremlins (-)
Much like Streamup, those dastardly fiends abused Plaqwet this week. Only these uncalled for sanctions took place during an illegal streaming of their copyrighted event on The Big VL.

21. Sugar 2 Spice (-)
Once again -- run, 2 High. Run fast and run far, far away.

22. Bish (2)
She's back, but sort of laying low. Expect an explosion of bodega box wine, SWAT teams, KFC exploitation, and boobs any day now.

23. Roco (18)
Casper politics holding the black man down! What will it take for The Rock to ascend in the rankings? Hopefully nothing too violent.

24. Madcow (-)
Helped stir shit up in the Great Pedos for Plaqwet Scandal of 2015. Also, wants Paq to touch his penis.

25. Big Rick (-)
Consolation prize for being left out of the Mark Vaughn CES Homoerotic Bukkake this year :(


Anonymous said...

Frank Taylor continues to give brilliant economic lectures and should be rated higher. Frank will be in the David Jon Sponheim administration.

Anonymous said...

big rick is white, that guy looks mexican