Monday, January 5, 2015

Social Casting Power Rankings (For Week of 1/4/15)

Presented by the Academy of Social Casting Arts and Sciences.

A day late but not a dimwit short, for there are plenty of the latter to be found below! (Number in parenthesis represents last weeks ranking.)

1. Ruen and Risa (-)
Is it a troll? Is it legit? Guess we'll know when the Risa Brazzers MILF vid comes out and we notice a c-section scar or not.

2. Bish (-)
She's back, still drinking that bodega box wine and still lighting random shit on fire to the terrified cries of poor Elly.

3. Vapenet1 (-)
Told Mark Vaughn to stick it, brother!

4. Frank Taylor (10)
Don't question the high ranking. He's Frank Taylor, that's all you need to know.

5. Paquet (8)
Looking to not only usurp Frank's ranking, but get him DMCA'd as well! Tread carefully, Plaqwet. Many have disappeared trying to screw with Frank Taylor over the years.

6. Foxman Shawn (5)
Murdered Joe Walsh with a mere glimpse of his teef.

7. Tommy 2018 (-)
He's back!

8. Tommy 2015 (-)
He's back!

9. Anna Williams (6)
Continues to do the best impression of a batshit crazy bi-polar schizo ever seen.

10. Scott_Seven_seven (3)
Pure cheesecake for the fellas.

11. Warbuck (-)
Couldn't hold his own against the drunken juggernaut known as The Fox.

12. OG Mike (-)
The ranking represents the number of times Coinbox has been Catfished this year already.

13. Breakin' Bitches (-)

14. StormDavis (12)
Run Slaya.

15. Verbal (-)
Run Paq.

16. Toxic (-)
The TGS Awards were a smashing success!

17. Elly and BunBunz (-)
Both barely survived another harrowing night in Crackyboo Hell by the skin of their teeth.

18. Roco (18)
No more and no less angry than last week, he stays right here at #18.

19. TFsoprano (-)
Still homeless, still in search of the perfect butthole to nestle into.

20. Viruz (-)
Won't you please give him another chance, Lily?

21. Abercrombie Chick (-)
She's back, but completely oblivious to the fact that Honest Frank is still around and still wanting to make sweet, buttery love to her.

22. Joe Walsh (1)
Kind of a quiet week from the bane of The Foxman.

23. Real Justin (17)
Happy New Year!

24. CarlosDangerr (-)
Needs to learn how to act rite or face the wrath of Frau Eva Vaughn!

25/38DD. Mariana (-)
Something seems kind of different about her...


Anonymous said...

The real comic confirms Risa giving birth to a baby is no troll saying he was at the hospital and was lucky enough to see the baby.

lol Viruz still holding a torch for Lily.

Anonymous said...

Tommy is irrelevant, him in the rankings must be a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Being an intelligent, educated, well-traveled black woman with unique points of view translates into batshit crazy to you because you're intellectually inferior to me. You type things like ''would of said'' instead of ''would HAVE said'' and you spend your life trying to dehumanize others showing absolutely nothing positive or productive for a real life. I am a translator for a big company in the Third biggest city in Norway, I teach 8th,9th and 10th grade English and Spanish, I'm writing a grammar book in Norwegian for Brazilian learners and I have a daughter to whom I taught 3 languages. She is only 8 and she writes better English than you and ENGLISH IS YOUR FIRST AND ONLY LANGUAGE. I am a lot better off in life than you and I have flaws like any other human being, but I do not fit any of the bogus conditions you keep attributing to me. Sooner or later, I will be able to come out with my real life information and show you and the other imbeciles who follow your lead that apart from the eccentricity of bikini shows online, I am a way more accomplished person than the losers you call your fans :-) I can prove with a great deal of evidence that I have two degrees and that all the jobs I am mentioning here are real. I have conducted a literary project here in Norway to spread Literature in English Language to Norwegian speakers as well. It's absolutely ridiculous that you people insist on these absurd notions, when I can corroborate every single thing I have ever said about myself. I have owned up to my mistakes in life, but I am not in any way this person you have been trying to portray for the past couple of years. You sold your soul to the trolls and cyber bullies online for popularity. That's truly sad because when the jtvwoodshed started, you were actually a good person looking out for innocent kids being exploited online.


Anonymous said...

Oh Anna if that is really you STFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU do you ever get tired of writing these long ass novel explanations defending yourself? Why don't you let others defend themselves you write about on your blog like you're doing here? If nothing bothered you, you wouldn't keep responding over and over. No one gives a shit about your education it has nothing to with how you present yourself most times on cam or in chat. You're nuts and we don't have to be highly educated to figure that out.

Anonymous said...

don't you have anything better to do?