Friday, January 16, 2015


Just a quick head's up, the nonstop fun with Abamski and Badsha continues tomorrow, Saturday, January 17th, LIVE!!™ at 2PM EST, only on Battlecam. Let's raise 2, count 'em, *TWO*, whole dollars this time and get the esteemed Dr. Scott that much closer to building the Ariel Castro non-sexual torture chamber of Stockholm love he so desperately craves. Jerry Lewis would be so proud.

Scott chop courtesy Lurkers Anonymous.


Anonymous said...

There is simply no better cause.

Anonymous said...

Yes, everyone donate so he can use that money for mfc girls.

Anonymous said...

"take off work"?? haha what, 4 hours a day? that lazy bastard didn't work the first three years he was on battlecam and we all watched him LET them take his house away. He expects people will actually donate? Once any publisher takes a look at his 2005 bondage ad and all his creepy archives they would never sign him up. If they did they would drop him in a heartbeat. Filthy perverted old man. He is on EBT in Ohio. How can he get food stamps for food when he won't work period? That is like stealing food from people who need it. He is no better than bongrip stealing food when others need it to feed their families.