Saturday, January 17, 2015

Prelude to #SCOTTAID, Day 2

And now, some further words of wisdom from Dr. Scott.

See you in 5 for the start of the festivities!


Anonymous said...

wow ohio haves a lot of white trash losers ohio is the state of losers

Anonymous said...

Enablers? Like he enabled Bish telling her to drink more some time ago or was that Mariana? Does this man really believe what he says? absolute craziness the things he comes up with. It's no wonder trolls continue to mess with him still. Maybe he should hook up with Anna Williams who is nuts herself.

Anonymous said...

LOL at abamski and badsha and every chatter making fun of scott for "scott has aids day 2" haha.

if that doesn't show that pedo creeper that they are laughing at him and consider him the worlds biggest joke then he is dumber than a box of rocks.

he is a pervert and creeper. the only secret scott holds is how to stay one step ahead of the authorities before they shove him in the nuthouse. one day he will snap at work on a woman and they will call the police on his woman hating ass.

look at all the pics making fun of scott going on in chat! they should be blog worthy again and again for laughs. that's why he gets for leaving vaughn and coming back to bc where he isn't wanted at all.

Anonymous said...

Scott77 just admitted that he collected a total of $7.00 and admitted it was a "troll". haha. Like anyone would really donate to that pervert? He just started talking about he massaged gay men for $40 each and bought himself a table in 4-5 weeks. Then he said he might write to 100 churches near him and ask each one of them to donate $1.00.

Anonymous said...

lol@ people so obssessed with casters bringing their names up out of nowhere. why are you guys stalking Scott's twitter account? why are you guys so worried with what Rika, Mariana, Anna Williams and who ever else does? What a bunch of losers to have to do this sort of thing. Leave people alone.

LurkersAnonymous said...

"Like anyone would really donate to that pervert?" >>> mariana : i donated 5$

"why are you guys so worried with what Rika, Mariana, Anna Williams and who ever else does?"
i don't think anyone here is particularly "worried" about these train wrecks, we just find them outrageous and amusing and want to share their thoughts and public actions on cam with readers who may have missed them "live".
feel free not to read.

Anonymous said...

No one is worried about any of them. These particular people and many others out there make spectacles out of themselves. If they didn't they wouldn't be talked about.

Mr. Macgregor said...

What Lurkers said. Spot on.